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Before Uploading the Website: go to "IMAGE" folder and remove/delete the image that u dont want and host it,ur problem will be solved. Annapurna

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Q: How do you remove an image from your website?
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What is it called to remove an unwanted portion of an image?

to remove an unwanted portion of an image is to crop the image

What is a image URL?

A image's link or the website where you found the image.

Is it illegal to paste a picture from a website onto your website?

This kind of thing gets tricky. First, you never ever want to use an image URL from a website. [when you right click on an image, get properties and use the image URL from that] It costs website owners money when people do that. You want to look over a website for any kind of "terms of use" before you take an image. As long as you are within the "terms of use" there shouldn't be a problem. Never take credit for an image that isn't yours. Never remove any kind of watermark or site name or whatever from an image that you are using. Never claim an image is yours when it isn't. These are just some of the typical rules that apply to using other people's images. Giving credit to the person that the image belongs to is a good thing, and offering a link to that person's site is even better!

How do you download pictures from a website?

right click the image and select 'save image as'

Where can one find an image of the Muslim symbol?

Muslims Symbol's website is one place where an image of the Muslim symbol can be found. Photobucket's website is another place where one can find an image of the Muslim symbol.

Can you use pictures from Google on your website?

yes. you need to click on the image you would like, click see full size image, and right click the image and select save image as... them you save it as a .mpg and then you can copy the file name to the website and you can use it.

How do you write a bibliography for an image taken from a website?

Image title. [online image] Date of access <internet address>. Hope this helps!

How do you edit wings into your photo on photobucketcom?

If it is your image you are changing: with a great deal of skill and patience.Find an image of wings you like (preferably one with lighting similar to the rest of the image.Punch out the wings (remove any background you do not want- make those areas transparent)Paste in the wings on your image (on a layer above the image) and adjust placement, cropping.Flatten the imageI do not know if any suitable editing can be done with the applications available on the photobucket website.

Is there a website that can identify people in an image?

Of course there is! It's Google's reverse image search. Just go to Google's image search page and click the little camera icon in the search field. It will allow you to upload an image or paste in an image's URL from a website. It will then give you list a results for that image and similar ones online.

How do you put an image on a website what is the code?

For HTML coding, exactly where you want your image to appear, put this: <img src="">

How can you put an image on website?

The image must be uploaded beforehand. A free host such as or will usually do.

How do you put on skins in Minecraft?

By going on to the minecraft website and clicking on profile then press upload image and upload your image from there

Remove your email address from this website?

To remove your email address from a website, you typically need to unsubscribe from the site and any newsletters. If you have a profile on the website, to remove your email address, you nee to cancel your profile or account.

What is a banner on a website?

On a website, the banner is a large image found on the upper part of the page. It usually contains the name of the website and an image related to what is on the page, and/or advertising which is typically used to defray the cost of running that website and/or earn the page/site owner some money.

Who created google images?

Google Images is a search service created by Google and introduced in July 2001, that allows users to search the Web for image content. The keywords for the image search are based on the file name of the image, the link text pointing to the image, and text adjacent to the image. When searching for an image, a thumbnail of each matching image is displayed. When the user clicks on a thumbnail, the image is displayed in a box over the website that it came from. The user can then close the box and browse the website, or view the full-sized image.

The appearance of an image on a website is dependent upon?

The PPI of the monitor.

What is weheartit?

Weheartit is an image based social networking website.

What are the advantages of using rollover code on a website?

Rollover code on a website is used to display interactive images on your website like when viewer place his/her mouse cursor over the image, then the image interacts thus make your website more influential, responsive and more fun to browse

The code below that uses CSS to eliminate the default border on an image configured as an image?

If an image is a live hyperlink then you need to apply CSS to remove the default border on the image. If this is what you mean.CSSa img {border:none;}

How do you unshare album shared by friend?

how to remove wal shared image

Can you use a copyright image on your website?

With permission from the copyright holder, yes.

What is an image and video hosting website company that starts with an f?


Where could one find an image of a Jeep Willy?

One could find an image of a Jeep Willy by going to the Jeep website. The website has information as well as pictures on all of its products, including on the Willy.

How can i put my personal pictures in google image?

Chrome does not take images that are in it but on the web. You can upload your image on open source website and get it on Google.

What makes server-side image maps different from client-side maps?

Server-Side image maps are image maps that are on the server of your website, but Client-Side image maps are image maps that are on the clients computers. client side image maps are much better because then instead of their computer having to go to your website to go get all the images when the page calls for them it just loads it itself from the clients computer. this helps with loading time of the page and can be very useful to keep the attention of the people on your website.