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How do you remove and replace the cruise control switch on a 1999 Olds Alero?


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I've read that in order to replace the druise control switch you have to disarm the airbag and such.... pretty time consuming and risky work...I think you can get it done professionally for about $200 or so...


The easiest fix to this problem is to just stick a dime in the space above the cruise control switch... you don't have to hold it down, and it costs 10 cents... works well!

you dont need to "disarm" the airbag, but it is a good idea to unplug the unit so you dont accidentally set it off, you have to remove the steering wheel and pull the steering colum covers off and there should be a couple of TORX bolts holding it in, then you just unplug the leads off the thing and reverse order to put new one in.


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The combination turn signal, cruise control, windshield wiper, and headlight dimmer switch simply plugs in. Pull the relay switch out and replace with the new switch.

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Most cars have a switch to disable the cruise control. To permanently disable the cruise, remove the fuse for the circuit.

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Replace the cruise control switch (the one with the orange light in it) The switch is a push on push off. If the little plastic gear inside the switch breaks off the switch will work like a door bell switch and will not latch on.

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The Chrysler Sebring cruise control switch is located beneath the dashboard, on the drivers side. The cruise control switch should be labeled as such.

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Start by removing the connections for the cruise control and brake lights, then remove the bolt that holds the switch to the brake pedal. Once the brake pedal is loose the switch is held on the brake pushrod by a bushing with nylon retaining washers. Carefully remove one washer and slide the bushing out, the switch can now be removed from the pushrod. Installation is the reverse; line up the hole on the switch with the hole on the pushrod, make sure the tabs for the cruise control and brake lights are facing properly. Reinstall the bushing and replace the other nylon washer, replace the bolt and tighten. Lastly connect the brake lights and cruise control.

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