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How do you remove arm rests on captain seats in a Dodge Van?

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2011-04-08 23:49:52
2011-04-08 23:49:52
Well on my 92 Dodge Ram Van when I bought it one of the arm rests was off .Well I thought it broke but no it wasn't it had a notch in shaft that if you put it back into the seat looking into the hole it came from well it had to be turned reversed all the way back .Then to lock it in turn it forward into position and well what I thought was broken is back together,so your answer is turn it completley backwards and it should unlock it from the seat.>> I just contacted my local dealer and I was told the arm rests can be removed. All you need is a Tork spit t25 or t30, and that will romove the bolt underneath the platica cap on the arm rest.

>> On my Dodge Ram Van Class B motorhome, you raise the arm rests all the way up to the stop, then push in and continue rotating toward the rear of the seat.

The above note helped me.

>>On my Chevy Tommy 1987 Class C RV the seat arms were removed the same way with no tools needed. Thank you for that previous answer.

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Once the bolt under the plastic cap is removed, the arm rests still do not come off. They move easily up and down but outside of taking a crowbar to pry them off, they won't budge. Thanks.

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mine has 4 nuts on each seat. Just unbolt them.

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Yes, the back seats of the Hyundai Santa Fe can be folded down flat. In order to have the seats lay completely flat, it is recommended that you remove the head rests.

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The metrodome's seats are metal (i think). no cushion or anything, with cup holders on the arm rests.

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