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Q: Can seats in 1995 Dodge Caravan fit into 1998 Dodge Caravan?
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Will a 1995 dodge dynasty transmission fit in a 1998 dodge caravan?

No, The electrical connecters and gear ratios will be different.

Will bench seat in 1998 Dodge Caravan fit a 2004 Dodge Caravan?


Will the seats from a 2004 caravan fit a 1998?


Is a 1993 dodge caravan windshield wiper motor compatible with a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan?


Where is the fuel pressure regulator vacuum line 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan?

There isn't a vacuum line going to the regulator on a 1998 Dodge Caravan.

Does a 1998 Dodge Caravan have a kill switch?

No. A 1998 Dodge does not have a reset button or kill switch.

Will a 1999 voyager brain work for a1998 dodge caravan?

will a 1999 voyager brain work for a 1998 dodge caravan

How do you reprogram computer on 1998 dodge caravan?

Apparently, according to a Dodge retailer, the computer on the 1998 Caravan can't get reprogrammed (the EPROM is not flashable). A new one is necessary...

Can you use 10w30 in a 1998 dodge caravan?


Can a 1998 caravan with bucket rear seats be changed to bucket seats?

If it's got bucket seats - why would you want to change to bucket seats?

How do you fix speedometer on dodge caravan?

1998 Dodge Caravan Speedometer Has a second connector attached with a white pigtail. What is that used for and will it operate without it?

How to disconnect the horn on a 1998 dodge caravan?

pull the fuse

What type of antifreeze does a 1998 dodge caravan take?


Bolt tighten patterns for 1998 dodge caravan?


Is the parking brake connected in with the transmission on a 1998 dodge caravan?


Does the 1998 dodge caravan come with a CD player?

It was an option.

Where is the maf sensor on a 1998 dodge grand caravan?

It does not have a maf.

Where is the Crankshaft Position Sensor located on a 1998 Dodge Caravan with 3.0 liter engine?

The crankshaft position sensor on a 1998 3.0 dodge caravan is located on the top of the bellhousing towards the firewall.

Can the windows in a 1998 caravan fit into a 1995 caravan?

No, the vans are completely different shapes and sizes.

What is the stereo wiring diagram for a 1998 dodge caravan?

The stereo wiring diagram for the 1998 Dodge Caravan is basically a wiring blueprint for that vehicle. This diagram shows exactly which wires are connected to each speaker.

How many miles can you safely put on a Dodge grand caravan?

Mine has 263k on it and is still going strong :) 1998 Dodge Caravan SE platinum engine

Where is the speedometer located on a 1998 dodge caravan?

Front and center in the dashboard...

Brake fluid for 1998 dodge grand caravan?


Where its located the gas pump on a dodge caravan 1998?

In the fuel tank.

How do find water pump on 1998 dodge caravan?

Where is the water pump???