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You can't! Unfortunately when you use bleach on fabric or shoes your damaging and removing the color and yellow is what is left from the chemicals cause bleach removes dye, sorry this happened to me after only having them for a couple days I was pissed! You can try white shoe Polish tho (:

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Can you remove bleach stains from shoes?

sorry but there is no way to remove bleach stains. reason is that bleach causes decoloration and not a stain.

How to remove bleach stains?

bleach stains cannot be removed.

How do you take bleach stains out of black shoes?

you can't but you can get a permanent maker and color the bleach stains

How do you remove bleach stains?

You cannot remove bleach stains. Most stains deposit something on top of your clothing, but bleach actually takes the dye out of your clothing. You can try to redye the stain to match the rest of the garment.

What does bleach remove?

Bleach can be used to remove stains from cloth, but cannot remove permanent marker from cloth. It can probably also be used to remove stains on flat, solid surfaces, or to whiten something.

How can you Remove bath stains?

Yes. Bleach, white vinegar and lemon juice are often suggested to remove such stains.

How do you remove bleach stains from a dark colored shirt?

You don't. There is no color left after the bleach.

What is nail bleach?

It's to remove yellow surface discoloration or stains (e.g.,tobacco stains)

How do you remove turmeric stains from corning ware?

Use bleach.

How do you remove sunscreen stains from a white bathing suit?


What chemical in bleach allows it to remove stains?

the chemical is chlorine

How do you remove stains from table clothes when bleach will not work?

If bleach will not remove the stains from your tablecloth, the stains will not come out. One way to save the tablecloth would be to dye it a different color. You can find dye at any craft store or supermarket.

How do you get grass stains out of shoes?

Try products like Oxyclean to remove grass stains.

How do you remove color stains from clothes without bleaching?

use bleach

How do you remove stains on ceramic tiles?

You can remove stains on ceramic tiles with bleach. Put on gloves and use straight bleach with a scrub brush. After you get the stain off, clean the area with a mild soap and rinse.

What is the reaction o bleach and blood?

Bleach does not have much of a reaction with blood. Bleach can, however, be used to remove blood stains from clothing.

Which type of spray will make stains disappear the fastest?

A spray made out of a weak solution of bleach will remove stains.

How do you fix yellow bleach stains?

Bleach tends to remove the color or anything it touches. Unless a person dyes the fabric, or finds a specialist , there is no way to fix these stains.

How do you remove Yellow armpit stains?

bleach Or if that cant be used nappy sann

What type of alcohol is used to remove bleach stains from clothing?

Wine is best

How to remove yellow stains on pool steps?

Bleach might do it. Also investigate the cause of the stains by observing pool users.

How to get rid of yellow stains on old clothes?

Yellow stains are tough to remove. Recommendation: good, old- fashioned bleach.

How do you remove stains on clothes?

Try scrubbing it handed washed or just use bleach

How do you remove bleach stains from sofa fabric?

get color dye and or alcohol may work

Which Bleach Works best on stains?

Clorox Bleach is better at removing stains!!