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There is a small wire clip shaped like an "ohm" sign or the "omega" symbol. picture a horse shoe w/ hips... anyway take something flat like a butter knife or somthing similar and pry gently between the window crank and the door panel and try to see it w/ a flashlight. once you see it you can determine wich way to push it off, one side @ a time. Or you could go to the parts store , in the help section and get the inexpensive tool made for this task. while there you may go ahead and get some spare clips, because sometimes they come off quickly and are difficult to locate afterward. plus it helps to know what they look like. Most window handles are held on in this manner although some fords simply have a screw in the middle under some sort of cover or moulding. .

Another tool you may already have is a paint can opener, the kind you buy or they give away at the big-box home improvement stores. It looks like a bottle opener at one end and a hook at the other. Generally, the horseshoe clip has the opening facing toward the crank. So, if you have the window crank pointing to the ground, then the part you want to grab should be at the top (usually). It's snugged up against the crank itself. Pry open a space between the door panel and the crank. Then, with the hook facing towards you, go fishing. I find that it's easier to locate if I use a small mirror.

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Q: How do you remove car window handles?
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