How do you remove contacts?

werid you say that..i just started wearing them..: take your left middle finger and use it to lock the top of your eyelid open..dont let go. Now take you right middle finger to lock the bottom. Now use you right index finger and thumb to PINCH it out..dont jump! it should hurt because the contact is there and you should feel the pain nerves. just pinch it right out and try not to use your nails. and then use the same hands for the next eye. This information is specifically for removing hard contacts, but the products listed here may be helpful. If you're having difficulty removing contacts, there are a series of products offered by Easy Eyes ( that helps with insertion and extraction. Go the website above, click on "Products" in the left column Then in the "Contact Lenses Supplies" column on the next page scroll down to "The Lenserter and Lens Remover". The contact lens remover (for hard contacts) is well suited for removing the contacts.