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How do you remove crankshaft in 1976 Datsun 280z?

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The L28 engine is the most common Z car engine. Removal of the cranshaft is staight forward. Sans the steps required to pull the engine from the car, with the engine mounted on an engine stand, the steps are: 1) Remove all exterior components from the engine. (Alternator, starter, water pump, intake/exhaust manifold). 2) Remove main pulley 3) Remove front engine cover. Requires the removal of the distributor, oil pump and pump drive shaft from cover, first. 4) Drain engine oil, remove valve cover 5) Remove engine head: remove cam sproket, chain, head requires a 10mm hex drive to loosen head bolts. Lift head from engine, set down on side, being carefull not to damage the valves. 6) Rotate engine 180 degrees, upside down on engine stand. 7) Remove oil filter, oil pan, oil pick up tube. 8) Remove rod caps from crankshaft. 9) Remove crankshaft main caps. Frint and rear main caps are most difficullt to remove and require leveraging these out of the machined surfaces. Be carefull not to damage the mating surfaces. 10) Crankshaft should lift out of engine block.

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What is the fuel pressure in a 1976 Datsun 280Z?

36.4 psi

Why a 1976 Datsun 280Z stumbles wen it gets hot?

Vapor lock

What is the firing order for a 1978 Datsun 280z?

1 5 3 6 2 4 Just like the 1976 280Z

Where is the fuse box on a 1976 Datsun 280Z?

passenger side under the dash on the right

Does a 1978 Datsun 280Z have seat belts?

Yes, the 1978 Datsun 280Z has seat belts.

How many MPG does a 1976 Datsun 280z get?

Per the 1976 Datsun brochure (280Z and 280Z 2+2):Federal emissions:16 city, 27 hwy (manual) 17 city, 22 hwy (auto)California emissions:17 city, 25 hwy (manual) 17 city, 22 hwy (auto)

Location of interlock relay on a Datsun 280z 1976?

under and behind the windshield washer bottle. On my 1975

Where is the fuel sensor for a 1976 Nissan Datsun 280Z 2.8L FI 6cyl?

Inside the gas tank.

How much is a 1976 Datsun 280z worth?

whats the condition and does it run? because that makes a huge difference.

Does a Datsun 280z have a limited slip differential?


What was the first year of the Datsun 280z?


What is the size of the gas tank in 1977 Datsun 280z?

10 gal i have a 1977 datsun 280z 2+2 and at $3.21 a gal it takes 40 from empty

Where is a fuel pump located on a 1976 Datsun 280z?

The fuel pump is located next to the tank behind the right rear tire.

Does a 1978 Datsun 280Z have a catalytic converter?


What car did the bionic woman drive?

A Datsun 280Z

What year was the Datsun 280z released?

The Datsun 280z, also known as the Nissan S30, was released in 1969 and was produced until 1978. It was a type of sports car with a three door hatchback.

How do the cables come off the battery on a 1976 Datsun 280z?

untighten them then pull them off. if you forget which wire is positive, it's the one with more attachments

1976 280Z engine stumble about 3000 rpm?

It could be the TPS but sounds like a fractured crankshaft but it could be a lot of things.

What size engine did the 1978 Datsun 280z have?

2.8L or 2,792 cc

How many mpg does a 1980 280z with 4 or 6-cylinder get?

How many mpg does a 1980 Datsun 280Z with 4 or 6 cyl get?

What is the spark plug gap setting for a 1978 Datsun 280Z?

the gap is .044

How do you open 1981 Datsun 280Z doors?

Try using the external handles for starters...

What is the gas mileage on a 1978 Datsun 280z?

I own a 1978 280Z and get 6 to 8 MPG, of course maybe the 383ci 465HP v8 might be the reason........

What is the value of a 1976 Datsun 280z?

i am looking for the same... i think in perfect condition around 50k miles its work a good 8-10k... 100-200k miles only about 3-5k

How do you change headlights on a 1977 Datsun 280Z?

i do not know but you cna ask some other people m8