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How do you remove crankshaft in 1976 Datsun 280z?

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2007-12-02 15:37:09

The L28 engine is the most common Z car engine. Removal of the

cranshaft is staight forward. Sans the steps required to pull the

engine from the car, with the engine mounted on an engine stand,

the steps are: 1) Remove all exterior components from the engine.

(Alternator, starter, water pump, intake/exhaust manifold). 2)

Remove main pulley 3) Remove front engine cover. Requires the

removal of the distributor, oil pump and pump drive shaft from

cover, first. 4) Drain engine oil, remove valve cover 5) Remove

engine head: remove cam sproket, chain, head requires a 10mm hex

drive to loosen head bolts. Lift head from engine, set down on

side, being carefull not to damage the valves. 6) Rotate engine 180

degrees, upside down on engine stand. 7) Remove oil filter, oil

pan, oil pick up tube. 8) Remove rod caps from crankshaft. 9)

Remove crankshaft main caps. Frint and rear main caps are most

difficullt to remove and require leveraging these out of the

machined surfaces. Be carefull not to damage the mating surfaces.

10) Crankshaft should lift out of engine block.

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