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Goof Off is excellent for this. I've tried it on 3 different cars from GM, Ford and Chrysler. It takes the glue or spray paint particles off without damaging the original paint. After using it for this, I would recommend waxing that least that portion of the car.

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โˆ™ 2013-01-06 23:21:29
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Q: How do you remove crazy glue off a car without damaging the body paint?
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How do you get tape adhesive off of car paint without damaging the paint?

A rag with some Goof Off on it will remove any tape adhesive without damaging your paint. -I've tried it on 3 different popular cars, it works.

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Can nail polish remover be used to remove old latex paint from vinyl covered metal without damaging the vinyl?

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House paint on exterior of car. paint has dried. how can it be removed without damaging paint on car?

wipe off with laquer thinner

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Oil paint will soak into bricks, therefore it is impossible to remove without degrading the brick.

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A methylated spirit or turps would get rid of it, but you might remove the design on it. Even so, i don't think there's much you can do or you can try nail polish remove that gets a fair few things off

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you can buy paint that the brushes can be washed out with water.

How can you remove silicone caulk from painted wood?

It can be rather difficult to remove silicone calk from painted wood. The good news is that the paint will largely prevent the calk from having seeped into the wood itself. The bad news is that it will be tough to remove it without damaging the paint. Peel off as much as of the calk as possible with either a knife or manually. Then take an abrasive green dish pad and hot water to the rest. Alternatively, paint thinner will remove it quickly but will require repainting.

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How do you remove stubborn mildew on windows without damaging the PVC around it I have tried the bleach mildew removers but they strip the pvc and paint the natural ones don't seem to work?

use awsome spray it grandmom did it

How do you remove a pimple in a car hood?

If this is a tiny dent there is a way to shrink and massage the metal to repair without damaging the paint. It requires skill and practice. There are companies that specialise in this type of paint-less dent removal. If it has damaged the paint or is to large for the dent removal system you take a hammer and dolly (small hand held anvil) and pound the dent flat and repair the paint.

How do you remove hydrocarbon overspray from car paint without damaging clear coat?

If there is enough layers of clear coat let you can watersand it with 2000 grit sand paper then buff it out with rubbing compound then with some glaze made by 3m.

Can you use turpentine to remove tar from car?

xylene also will work without damaging the paint or even the wax. It will also take off overspray, glue from decals. Its a great product, should always have some around the house.

How do you remove rust off a car without stripping the paint?

stripping the paint? i do say this is a profanity! B: Ospho

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How do you remove water spots from a car without damaging the paint and clearcoat?

You might try disolving 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a bucket of warm water; lightly sponge on vehicle , rinse then wash. be sure to towel dry to avoid new spotting. If spots have already etched into finish this will not remove them