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How do you remove door skin from Volvo V70 1998?


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how to remove a door skin from a v70 Volvo


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You have to break the tack weld on the lip of the skin that raps around the door fram.

The interior door panel cannot be removed from the door. To work on the inside mechanisms of the door, remove the outer, plastic skin. First remove the outer door handle; lift the handle enough to expose the two pins that hold the handle to the door mechanism. Push the pins through and remove the handle. Next remove the screws around the perimeter of the door. They are visible when the door is open. After all of the screws are removed, lift the outer door skin off and you have full access to the inside of the door.

They are stamped into the door frame, you can't remove the arm rest. However, if you're wondering how to get to the INNER mechanism of the door, you have to remove the outer door skin. Instructions are elsewhere.

Go to for step by step instructions, including pictures

Replacing a skin is not a job for an amateur.

I just hit my door a few times and that uaually works.Another PerspectiveRemove the OUTER door skin. You can't get to the door mechanism from the inside. To remove the outer door skin, FIRST remove the exterior door handle. Lift on the handle to expose the pins that hold the handle in place. Press the pins out, then slide the door handle off. Once the door handles are off, open the door and remove the screws that hold the outer door skin to the door. Look at the bottom inside rim of the door skin to see what the screws look like, then remove them all.It's been a while, so I can't remember if there are any hidden screws, but you should be able to figure it out.Once you have the skin off, you should be able to see what's wrong with the crank mechanism or rails. You can purchase new mechanisms from GM dealerships or from many wrecking yards. If the rails are mis-aligned, check to see if the rail is damaged or if the screws are just loose.

Remove the OUTER door skin to get to the window hardware. Lift the outer handle, press out the two retaining pins then, with the door open, remove the screws that are around the edge. You will find some of them by examining the bottom inside of the door. After the screws and outer door handle are removed, the door skin just lifts off and you can get to all of the window hardware.

First, it's a little backward. The S-series Saturn's did not have inside door panels that could be removed. You need to remove the OUTSIDE door skin.First, remove the outside handle, there are two pins that you can press through the handle. Just lift up on the handle part way and the pins will be exposed. Press them through using something round with a flat end.After you've done that, open the door all the way and look around the perimeter. There are several screws that hold the outside door skin in place. Remove the screws and the door skin should lift right off.

pry off the plastic insert around the door handle and remove the screw that you see under there, disconnect any electrical connections between the door and the panel, now lift up on the door skin and it will come off.

Remove outer door skin(if you need directions for this try your local library for a service manual)lower window glass remove glass nuts with toolSA9148B push glass up and rotate slightly remove door glass reverse procedure to install glass

You don't remove the inner door panel, it's a stamped single piece, however the outer door panel is removed by:Disconnect the door handle by lifting it then press the retaining pins out. Examine the handle at the base, where it connects in to the door. The small pins press out easily using a small rod with a flat surface.After the door handle has been removed, open the door and remove all of the screws around the perimeter of the door skin.You can access any of the internal components of the door from the outside.

Inside the door jam there is a plastic cover/plug. REmove it. Inside the hole it covered is a torx screw head which holds the door handle in place. Loosen the screw as far as possible. (It does not come OUT. It is fixed in place and remains in it's place. only loose). Next, the door skin is held on by Torx bolts around the perimeter of the door jam. Remove all of them. (about 12 of them). Remove the inner trim panel and gain access to the mirror bolts to remove mirror. Unplug all electrical connectors. (should be only 2) Remove the door handle cable from the inside handle located on door trim panel. LIFT the outer trim panel off and away from the door. Remove the belt molding clips now that the skin is removed and you may access them. The NEW skin does not come with the side/inside rails that hold the attatchment torx bolts. These must be removed (glued on) from the original in order to glue them onto the new door skin. Use a 2 part Urathane adhesive. (Fusor is a good one). Once the glue is dry, paint the outer door skin off the car or you won't be able to reinstall the belt molding once the skin is back on the car. Or you can remove the window; (a real pain on VWs) and install the skin back on the door frame and paint it on the car. The window is a pain but painting it on the car allows you to blend the adjacent panels for color match. Reassemble the inner trim panel and mirror and there ya go. Or bring it to me at Legacy Auto Body in Manassas VA. LOL

Second Skin - 1998 II was released on: USA: 1998

pull door skin to access the electrical connection, disconnect remove black triangle plastic cover on door behind mirror bolts remove 3 nuts from bolts pull mirror off

Climb into the rear storage area from the back seat and using a screw driver remove the door skin from the hatch. This will give you access to the linkages and latch mechanisms from the inside. You can then put your hand down to the latch inside the door and by pulling on the metal bar linking the latch to the handle you can open the door.

Saturns are just a little different than other automobiles. You don't remove the inside door panel to get to the mechanism, instead, you remove the outer door panel. Open the door. There are several screws around the perimeter of the door, some near the bottom. They must all be removed. From the outside, lift the handle and notice that there are two pins holding the door handle in place. They need to be pressed out, then you can pull the handle off the pegs. Once the screws and the handle are off, the outer door skin lifts off.

Axion dish paste will remove cured foam from skin instantly and is mild to the skin.

Neither a north or south end of a magnet can be used to remove skin tags. There are special creams made to rub on a skin tag to remove it completely.

There is a styro-foam sound deadening piece in the door It measures about 6in tall and 24 in long . the one on my driverside door came loose inside and would stop the window 1/2 down. STEP 1) 3 screws in bottom of door, 2 more in the handle. to remove the inner door skin. STEP 2) Unbolt inner door skin from door. STEP 3) Either RE GLUE the styro to the door or remove it completely ( Recommend that you reglue it. reverse the process and DONE .

lower glass completely, remove arm rest screws, using small hooked tool( you can make one out of a piece of coat hanger) pull retaining clip from back of window crank handle, it pulls toward the knob. remove door lock knob,remove door handle frame by unscrewing retaining screws. using a flat screwdriver wrapped in tape between door panel and metal door skin and carefully pry away from door, there are several plastic clips holding the panel on to the door so start at the bottom and work your way around. once you have freed all of the clips lift the panel off the door.

there are six bolts o the door you have to take off, before that you have to take the door skin off of the door ( all you have to do is pry it off for the most part, only one screw near the handle), unplug all of the wires then pull the door off

Second Skin - 1998 I was released on: USA: 1 October 1998 (Austin Film Festival)

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