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How do you remove drm from video or audio files and convert format?

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=== === See Wikipedia article on Digital rights management and How to Remove DRM from WMA: Legal & Technical Issues - refer to links

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What is the best audio file format to convert textbooks into audio files?


How can I find a software to convert audio files and extract audio from video files?

Audio Converter Extractor Max is an easy to use tool to convert audio files to various audio formats and extract audio from video files to various audio formats. The program can also rip audio CD tracks to the supported formats.

How can you convert Windows Media Audio format or Real Player Audio format to mp3 or wav format for free step by step?

i would suggest that you download switch sound converter (free) from the internet. it can convert a lot of different types of audio files.

How do i convert iPod music on my MacBook to iriver format?

with a media file converter. You must convert the audio files to .mp3 or another supported format. google search "format factory"

Steps to convert SWF file format to MP4 file format?

Steps to convert the audio/video files from SWF to MP4 files are as follows:Download and install the Pavtube Video Converter Ultiamte on your computer.Select the SWF files that you want to convert.Click "Format" and choose MP4 as output formatClick the "Browse" button to specify the folder to save converted video files. Then, click "Convert"Then the conversion will be finished. It is very easy to convert video files from swf to mp4 file format.

How to change mp3 songs to audio songs?

Mp3 is a file format commonly used for audio files. This is not the only format but is a very common one. An MP3 file, an audio file, is already a song. There is no possible way of converting an MP3 song to an audio song because 'audio' is not a format to convert to.

What kinds of files are audio files?

.WAV is Window's native lossless audio format.AIFF is Apple's native lossless audio format.MP3 is a common compressed audio format.OGG is slightly less commonThere are many many more

What is audio software?

Audio software is software designed for working, in some way, with sound files. Examples of audio software include software that allows you to accomplish digital audio extraction (DAE) on Audio CDs, software which allows you to edit sound files to remove pops and clicks, software which allows you to play sound files on your computer speakers, and software which allows you to convert sound files from one format (e.g. WAV or AIFF) to another (e.g. MP3 or FLAC). Generally, audio software is for working with sound files on a computer.

How difficult is it to convert wma into mp3 formats?

It's not difficult to convert WMA format into MP3 format. The reason for this is because there are a vast variety of different websites, and a vast variety of free software that will convert WMA - or any audio format - into MP3 format with minimum trouble. If people preferred to go with paid software or paid websites, they could pay to convert their WMA audio files into Mp3 instead.

How can you convert files to mp3 format?

You need to have any special audio files converting software to convert audio files to mp3 format... For example I use a famous software called AUDACITY to convert WAV format files to mp3 format.... You can download the latest version at for free... Open the file through Audacity and go to File ---> Export... option..... Give the appropriate details if you want and save it...Your job is done!! :)Or else, you might have the older version of Audacity which would say it requires some kind of a dll file to convert a file to mp3 format. That file is known as lame_enc.dll. The instructions to download that file is at enables you to convert files to mp3 format with older version of Audacity...After downloading, locate the downloaded file when you want to convert...

How can I convert audio files to various audio formats with one program?

Download a free audio converter online. Most will allow you to convert several files at the same time.

How do you convert amr audio files to mp3?

In order to convert AMR files to MP3 files, you will need to purchase an audio converter. There are several free ones online and available for download.

How can I convert my audio files to many audio formats?

Download and install a free audio converter.

How to convert MP3 music files to wma?

To convert one audio file format (ie: MP3) to another audio file format (ie: WMA), requires what is known as audio file format conversion software. I have researched the Internet on your behalf and found a web site that appears to provide such software at no cost. The link to this web site is called DVDVideoSoftand is displayed directly below this window.

Covert oma format files to MP3 format files?

I think you can convert .oma files to .mp3 format file with format is available on http//www.

Is there a free software to convert audio files to various audio formats?


What type of compression format is popular for audio files?


How is it possible to convert AAC to MP3?

It is possible to convert AAC audio files to MP3 audio files through the use of audio conversion programs. Some free audio converting programs can be download from sites such as CNET and Brothersoft.

How do you convert wav format to MP3?

WAV files are waveform audio files. In order to convert a WAV to an MP3, you will need to download an install software that is able to do this. There are many free options to choose from that work just as well as the pricier alternatives.

How do yo change a music file type?

Use your audio editor and choose Save As. You can convert audio files into other forms, but MIDI files cannot be converted to audio files.

Does windows media center convert avi files to DVD format?

No, Windows Media Center does not convert AVI files to DVD format. However, it is capable of playing most AVI files.

What is wav in audio?

wav is a file format or more precicely a container for audio files, it is a Microsoft and IBM audio file format standard for storing an audio bitstream on PCs. It is an application of the RIFF bitstream format method for storing data in "chunks".

What program convert files to MP3 format?

you can use total video converter software to convert any audio format to the required format... or you can use m4a to mp3 converter , it's a one click program , you can easily download it from

How do you convert windows media player format videos into real player format?

You have to find a program to convert the files first.

What audio file type does Verizon use?

When I took audio files off my Verizon phone, they were QCP files. [aka useless files that are impossible to convert on your computer]