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Video editing software is any software which is used to manipulate video files. Questions about editing techniques and applications belong here.

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How can you convert your imovie hd project to mpeg 4? check it out.. its easy.. ...
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What are the advantages of word processing over the typewriter?

There are many advantages of using word processors over a typewriter. Some of them are: -The word processors are faster and easier to use than typewriters. -In word processors, you can store documents and you can make as many copies as you want, while with typewriters you cannot do so. -With word processors you have formatting choices and can change the font, text size, use bold,italic e.t.c. -Word processors help you improve your writing skills e.g vocabulary and also spelling mistakes. ...
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What is the purpose of Adobe premiere?

The purpose of Adobe Premiere is to work with video files, image sequences, and audio files. It is a video editing program. You can manage and change video content in many ways with Adobe Premiere. ...
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What is the best video clip making software?

In my opinion the best video editing software application is Movie Magix Edit Pro 16Hd. It depends on how high or low your video editing skills are, but in my opinion and in a lot of others that I have spoken too is iMovie. ...
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How long does video editing take?

It usually depends on the type of video you are trying to edit. The most I have ever taken to edit a video is about a day. But again this will vary. ...
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Which video format does the samsung e2120 supports?

e=mc2 Answer 2:MP4. And you can use Any Video Converter Ultimate to convert different video formats to MP4. Avc ...
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Do you need special hardware or software to capture screenshots from a DVD?

Taking Screenshots/Screengrabs/Snapshots In most cases, pause the video you are playing on the screen and hit Alt-Print Screen. You can then open an image editor, such as Microsoft Paint. Copy and paste this screen capture into Paint, and edit out anything you do not want to show. If you are using Windows Media Player, make sure you disable overlays (Tools -> Options -> Performance -> Advanced -> uncheck "Use Overlays"). If you do not do this, the Print Screen method will not work. If...
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Were can I get video clip's of home and away?

You can download video clips of Home and Away from YouTube. Go to YouTube (videos section) and type in: Video clips of Home and Away. Lots of choices appear. Download the clips you like. ...
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How do you get magic i visual effects for free?

Google Image search "magic eye" or google "magic i visual effects giveaway" ...
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How make dual audio movies?

Dual audio movies are made by adding additional tracks of audio into the movie recording as it is being edited. Additional language formats can be added to reach a wider audience. ...
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Where can you get Free Effects for MAGIX Movie Editor Pro?

You can't get any effects for Magix Movie Editor Pro for free, unless you already own the program. If you own it, visit the Magix Movie Editor site for more information on additional free downloads. ...
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I need Hack AVS Video Converter 6.4?

Why you need one? To convert from one format to the other? Any Video Converter could do that too. ...
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How can I import an MSWMM file into Adobe Premiere?

As far as I know, you can't. If you had a lot of work done in Movie Maker, you may consider rendering (saving the movie file) in Movie Maker and importing the video into Premiere. The best way would be to start over, you'll still have all of the media you need to make it again. ...
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Is it illegal to download final cut express 4?

It is illegal to download Final Cut Express 4 without paying for it.
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What editing program does peacexsara use?

she doesn't want the world to know... which i don't get.
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What is the extension for a Final Cut Pro Project?

The extension .fcp is used for Final Cut project files.
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Is there any free final cut express tutorials?

google it or watch it free on youtube
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Can you access audio and video files with an 80486 machine?

It is possible for a 80486 based computer to access and manage audio and video files, playback of those files is a different matter. Audio files like mp3's and .wav files will play without problems, but there are very few (if any) video codecs which will play reliably on hardware that slow. Anything 66 mhz or faster should be able to play most mp3's. Video playback generally requires at least 300 mhz. ...
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When purchasing video editing software should I purchase the least expensive application with the greatest number of supported file formats?

Well you should also really look at the functions. What can you do with the program? And what are your limits. Files you always can convert with converting software. I would really look at what the software offers you. ...
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What editing software does Freddie Wong use?

He uses final cut pro and for special effects he uses after effects