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In every car I've ever been in there are bolts up through the floor board, with nuts securing the seat to the body...

It's pretty simple...

Loosen the nuts till they come off.

Take the seat out.

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What is the law with children riding in the front seat in South Carolina?

You may not ride in the front seat of a car till you are 13 or older and must be over 85 pounds but this does not apply to cars without a back seat.

How do you remove seat on 1983 goldwing?

If it is the same as the '85 or '86 models, you will see 1 bolt on each side of the lower part of the seat, they could be the adjuster bolts for the seat to slide forward or back, towards the back of the seat, need an Allen key for this, remove them, the seat will slide either forward or back, ( cannot remember ) Once you slide the seat, it will release from the clip underneath the seat. If you do have no success this way, with the 2 rear bolts removed, peel up the front part of the seat, on the side, you will see on each side 1 bolt, us a wretch and remove them. Should do the job.

What age can a child ride in the front seat in Oregon state?

There is not an age to sit in the front seat the child just has to be 4 feet and 8 inches tall and weigh at least 85 pounds. At least in MA!

Can a child use a booster seat in the front seat of a car?

no Only if the front airbag can be deactivated - this does not mean it is allowed in every state - some states have laws that mandate the child should be in the back seat until they weigh 85 lbs or are 14 years old -

How heavy do you have to be to sit in the front seat of a car?

You have to be at least 80 to 85 pounds and 5 foot in most states in the USA

Can someone 9 sit in the front seat of a car?

Yes you can in Florida if you are 85 pounds and are 4 feet 11 and a half inches tall.

What is the seat height of a kx 85?

it is 33.1 in

How do you remove 85 fiero gt door moulding?

how do you remove rear window 85 feiro

What is the legal age and height a child is able to ride in the front seat in MN?

The child will have to be 13 years old, at least 4ft 6in, and 85+ lbs.

How tall is a yz 85?

About 42 inches at the seat

How much do you have to weigh to get out of a car seat?

85 pounds

How tall does a 85 dirt bikes seat stand?

big wheel 85's are around 89cm

How much do you have to weigh to ride in the passenger seat?

you have to weigh at least 85 lbs. to ride in the passenger seat

How do you stop 85?

You put me in front of him

How do you Remove radio from 85' 190e?

How do you remove a radio from a 190E?

What is the seat height for a 2008 yz 85?

It is 34.0 inches high.

What were 1961 ticket prices at Yankee stadium?

Box seat $3.50 Reserve seat $2.50 Grandstand general admission $1.25 Bleacher seat .85

What is 85 percent of 420?

Add a decimal point in front of the 85.85 x 420 = 357So the answer is 357

How do you change and alternator on a 85 Honda accord?

Its a bottom mount alternator, you remove the left front tire and come from underneath. Pry Bares may be needed. i jacked mine up,never had to remove tire

At what age can a child sit in the front seat in Texas?

All children everywhere should be at least 12 years old, be at least 4 feet and 9 inches, and weigh over 85 lbs.

How tall is a KTM 85?

Seat height is 34.4 inches with 16.3 inches of ground clearance.

What is the cost of a seat belt violation in New York?

$50 plus a mandatory surcharge of $85

What size tires are on the front and rear of a 2002 kx 85?

14" on te front and 17" on the rear

How many leaves on front springs 85 blazer?

it will have 2 leafs

Is 85 Chevy Celebrity front wheel drive?

All years of the Chevy Celebrity model are front wheel drive.