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1. Raise Motorcycle so front wheel is just raised off the ground.

2. Inspect wheel bearing end play and service bearings if necessary.

3. Remove brake caliper. Support caliper using a rubber bungee cord.


Do not operate front brake lever with the front wheel removed

or the caliper piston may be forced out of piston bore. Reseating

the piston requires disassembly of the caliper.

4. Remove axle nut, lockwasher and washer.

5. Loosen the slider cap screws and pull the axle free.

6. Remove wheel from forks.

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Q: How do you remove front wheel on harley Davidson street bob?
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To remove the seat on a Harley Davidson Road King, you must unscrew the Philips head screw that is directly behind the seat. Then, slide the seat and unfasten the hook at the front of it.

What Size of wheel bearing front for street glide flhx 2008 harley Davidson?

25 mm

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60 - 65 ft/lbs

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40 Rear, 36 Front assuming stock tires.

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What is the correct tire pressure for a 2007 Harley Davidson Street Glide?

35 front 40 rear tire.

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stamped on the front down tube.

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The correct tire pressure for a Harley Davidson FXD is 30 psi for the front tires. The correct tire pressure for the rear tires is 40 psi.

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Almost always bolted to the front of the frame.

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It should be one inch.

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what is rim size for 1994 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH 1200

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front left side.

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Hi I would like to know how weight and oil in front fork?