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How can I get a lien removed from my credit report what is the statute of limitation law?

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How do you remove a lien from your credit report?

try here http://www.credit-repair-specialist.com/remove-tax-lien-from-credit-report.html

How can I remove an auto lien?

You cannot remove an auto lien unless it is paid or satisfied. Once it is paid, the lien will be automatically removed from a credit report or anything else.

How do you remove a state tax lien from your credit report?

What is reported is not under your control (unless you can prove it is erroneous). The one reporting it is the one to remove or change it. They of course need to be given a reason to release the lien.By satisfying the lien, that is paying it, so there is no more lien, while it will if not be removed from the report, it will be shown as satisfied and no longer a claim.AnswerOnly the credit bureaus or the one who reported the tax lien can remove. The credit bureaus will remove it if you dispute it and it isn't verified with in 30 days.

I have a tax lien on my credit report from having a guard card and I was wondering how can I have it remove?

You can call your local tax office to find out more information about your tax lien.

How long do unpaid tax liens stay on your credit report?

An unpaid tax lien will remain on your credit report for 10 years from the date it's filed. A paid tax lien will remain on your credit report for seven years from its date of filing.

If you file bankruptcy will that remove a charge off report from a credit card?

Filing bankruptcy does not remove a charge off report from a credit card on your credit report. It just adds bankruptcy to your credit report.

Where can you find out if you have a lien against you?

should show up on your credit report.

How do you remove collections from credit report?

You can remove collections from your credit report by disputing them to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus have 30 days to verify your collection with the collection agency or it must be removed from your credit report.

Does a bankruptcy remove the crediters from your credit report?

No, the information remains on your credit report.

Do you dispute the date of a paid federal tax lien with the IRS or the credit reporting agency?

If the lien appears on your credit report, you dispute it with the credit bureau. You can do this by ordering your credit report on line and issuing a dispute through their investigation department, of course, you will have to provide evidence for your claim.

Is your credit history affected by a lien that is put on a house?

If there is a mortgage/equity loan involved,that loan will report on your credit history. The lien will report on the title of the house. A title search will be conducted if you are selling or refinancing the house.

Who do you contact first to remove a tax lien from a credit report?

Tax lien will show paid--it won't be removed unless it was there in error or you have gone to court and had a judge state that it has to be removed.AnswerWhen a tax lien is removed because it's paid, the credit agency that reported it can be advised. Go to your local IRS office with the information and they can notify the credit bureau that has reported the lien on you. This happened to me once and the IRS updated the lien information with the credit bureau. I did all this person-to-person, it worked better than the telephone. AnswerAnything on your credit report can be disputed at anytime. It all depends on whether it gets verified or not on whether it comes off or not.

Can creditors remove their accounts from your credit report?

no, it should stay on your credit report for life.

What is the difference between a judgment and a lien on your credit report?

A judgment on your credit report conveys the decision of a court concerning a lawsuit. Amounts owed to the creditor are described in the judgment. A lien on a credit report expresses the legal right of one party to keep possession of property belonging to another party.

Can a lien placed by condo assoc on property that is paid for show on credit report?

Yes.A lien is a matter of public record and the credit bureaus will pick it up and add it to your record.

Does a junior lien affect credit?

Yes. Any lien affects credit.Yes. Any lien affects credit.Yes. Any lien affects credit.Yes. Any lien affects credit.

How long can an unpaid tax lien stay on your credit report in Colorado?

An unpaid tax lien will stay indefinitely, paid for seven years.

How do you remove charge offs credit report?

Dispute them with the credit bureaus.

Can you remove a repossession off your credit report if your cosigner has a judgment on the repossession?

No you cannot remove a repossession off your credit report if your cosigner has a judgement on the repossession.

How to get mortgage with tax lien on credit report?

This can be difficult. There are many considerations. What type of tax lien is it? How old is the lien? How large is the lien amount? If the lien has the potential to jeopardize the security of the loan, then you most likely will need to take care of the lien first.

Can a tax lien stay on your credit report for 14 years?

Yes. If unpaid it is still enforceable.

Will filing a bankruptcy remove a judgment on credit report?

No, a BK does NOT remove negative items in credit reports.

How do you get a tax lien off your credit report after 9 years?

Tax liens can stay on your credit report for 10 years since they are a government entity putting it there. But they should never stay on there that long. You can dispute the tax lien with the credit bureaus to get it off. It shouldn't be verified after that long unless you owe an very very large amount. Not being verified it should be removed from your credit report.

Can you remove bankruptcy from credit report?

Yes you can remove a bankruptcy from your credit report. You must dispute it to the credit bureaus using the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The credit bureaus have 30 days to verify the listing or it must be removed from your credit report. A bankruptcy should only be disputed if it is erroneous or inaccurate.

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