How do you remove oil stains from pavers?

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I know for sure that putting clay cat litter on the pavers will absorb a lot of the oil, but you will still have stains on them. I think that muratic acid might get the rest of it up. I know my grandparents use to use it to clean the floors of the garage. Keep this in mind though. Muratic acid 'etches' surface of concrete. If you put the muratic acid on some of the pavers, but not all of them, it might change the intensity of color of those pavers. I don't know this for sure though.
I considered acid but was afraid that it might harm my dog. I found a new green product called Oil Gone Easy S-200 which eliminated my stain in about a week without the use of toxic chemicals. Very good results.


I have porous brick pavers which were badly stained with oil from the car. Mix Sodium Bicarbonate (common bi-carb of soda) with a good splotch of dishwashing detergent (I used Earth Choice, an Australian brand, environmentally friendly from the supermarket) and a small quantity of hot water. After scrubbing it in really well and leaving it maybe 10 minutes to soak in, I rinsed it off with a couple buckets of hot water and it looks GREAT! After having tried engine degreaser with little effect, I'm delighted that this is so environmentally friendly too!
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How do you remove an oil stain from an asphalt driveway?

Answer . You can do it two ways:\n. \nBuy a bag of kitty litter and pour it over the spot and leave it for approximately 1/2 hour. Kitty litter is not only good for oil spills, but also great to pack around in your vehicle during snowy or icy weather conditions and often saves the driver a big ( Full Answer )

How do you remove oil-based wood stain from wood stairs?

Answer . \nTo remove a paint or stain from any surface you should find on the product label what is supposed to be used to thin the product, which in turn can remove the product. In your case since it is oil based you should use mineral spirits(paint thinner) test in an inconspicuous area of the ( Full Answer )

How do you remove oil stains out of leather?

Oils that are sitting on the surface can be removed with a detergent foam cleaner.. Once the oils have penetrated the leather you would need to use a professional degreaser to remove the oil.. The degreasing process extracts the oils into a very fine degreasing compound but there is a danger that ( Full Answer )

How can you remove an oil stain from carpet?

Scrape away as much as possible. For washable materials, rub lard or Vaseline into stain or treat dry fabric with a laundry pre-soak (spot stain remover). Wash in a quality Laundry powder or Liquid. On unwashable materials, such stains are difficult. Treat repeatedly with dry cleaning fluid, continu ( Full Answer )

How do you remove oil stain from brick?

Answer . Try Oileaters. It is a wonderful product.I have used it on my driveway concrete with wonderful more oil stains! I purchased it at Costco or Sam's Club, but I have seen it also at Auto Part stores and supermarkets.. If that does not get the stain out completely, try Oil Gone ( Full Answer )

How do you remove salad dressing oil stain from your leather purse?

Answer . Cooking Oil can be removed from clothing using brown paper on top of the stain and then a little pressure and heat from an iron. Obviously do not put your iron on too hot a setting you will see that the fat will appear on the paper. Be careful I am not too sure how this will work with le ( Full Answer )

How do you remove oil stains from leather?

Rub Corn starch (or in a pinch, talcum powder) briskly into the stain with your fingers until the heat from the friction is felt. Vacuum or brush the powder off.

How do you clean antifreeze stain from driveway pavers?

To remove anti-freeze stains from driveway pavers, soak the areawith water. Sprinkle powdered laundry detergent over the stain.Place a few layers of newspapers over the detergent and press downflat. Wet the paper thoroughly, and allow to sit for a few hours.After a few hours, discard the newspaper, ( Full Answer )

How to Remove oil stain from paper?

Oil stains are difficult to remove from paper, but covering thestain with cornmeal or talcum powder can help lift some of the oil.Allow the powder to absorb for thirty minutes, and then brush thecornmeal or talcum off until there's no powder residue.

How do you remove oil stains from garage floor?

To remove an oil stain from a garage floor place a thick layer ofcat litter over the stain. Let the cat litter sit overnight andthen sweep it up. If the stain is still there repeat the processfor several days. Spraying WD-40 on the stain and then scrubbingwith a stiff brush may help to remove the oi ( Full Answer )

How do you remove oil stains from leather chair?

Cornstarch, talcum powder, and fuller's earth are all products thatcan be used to remove oil stains on leather chair. Sprinkle some onoil spots and leave it set for several hours. Dust or vacuum up.

How do you remove oil based stain from windows?

Several solvents will work for an oil based stain. Alcohol shouldwork as a solvent. Vinegar will also help to remove it. Dishwashing detergent is another solution. Anything that breaks up theoil will work.

How do you remove olive oil stains from clothes?

If the garment has not been laundered yet, try this: rub some talcum powder into the item and let sit for a couple of hours. The talcum will absorb the oil, or at least most of it. Then wash in warm water with detergent, but check to see if the stain came out before drying it. If the stain did not c ( Full Answer )

How do you remove oil based stain off of your air conditioner?

Well, there are many different cleaners you can use if it is on a smooth, metal surface. If it got into the components of the air conditioner, it is probably broken, but you could still use stain removers to remove it.

How do you remove motor oil stains from shoes?

Hexane does a fantastic job. A drop of butter fell on my nice tan leather shoes, and I cleaned it up completely with Hexane. If you don't have Hexane, your dry cleaner's solvents will also work great.. Alternatively, try covering the entire area in baby powder and let it set for 12 hours.

How do you remove battery acid stains from driveway pavers?

Bleach will only remove a small portion of the stain and the scrub brush on concrete will definitely cause permanent damage to the concrete. Once concrete is "spot treated" with improper tools, chemicals or techniques it can be permanently damaged. Battery acid stains are not rust and are a chemical ( Full Answer )

What will remove oil stains from concrete?

Cat Litter: Sprinkle cat litter on the stain and crush and grind it into the oil stain with your shoe. Let set for an hour then sweep up.# TSP: Using phosphate free TSP cleaner (Tri Sodium Phosphate), create a gallon of cleaner by mixing one cup of TSP with one gallon of hot water. Wearing eye p ( Full Answer )

Removing oil stains from clothing?

In order to remove an oil stain from clothing you pretreat the stain and then you wash the garment in hot water. Pretreatment involves blotting up as much of the stain as you can with a clean paper towel, and then following the directions on a commercial pretreatment. You can find pretreatments wher ( Full Answer )

How do you get wood stain out of brick pavers?

pool acid on brick pavers works well to remove almost anything. Depending on the extent of the stain, the acid can be mixed with water, applied, scrubbed with a wire brush and rinsed with a hose pipe

How do you remove oil stain from shirt if the stain didn't remove after wash?

To remove oil stains you should pretreat the stain with a pretreatment spray or by rubbing it with liquid laundry detergent. Sometimes the heat of the dryer can set a stain. This means that if the stain was not removed after you washed it, and the shirt has dried, it may be stuck there.

How do you remove an oil stain from clothing?

not alot of people know this but all you have to do is as soon as it gets on your clothes wet the stain pour baby powder on it and scrub really good with a tooth brush and soap than rinse and hang dry trust me it works!

Will acetone remove an oil based stain off wood?

Possibly, but remember that acetone is very powerful stuff and its vapours can affect you or even kill you, so only use in very well ventilated areas, preferably outdoors.

How do you remove diesel oil stains on Leather shoes?

I was very upset about my gorgeous leather boots ending up with a solid drop of diesel on them. The corn starch removed it brilliantly. I couldn't get the friction strong enough to get warm, so I just rubbed the spot thouroughly and solidly about 5 times for about a minute each time, using clean cor ( Full Answer )

Why is hexane good at removing oil stains?

Hexane is exerts a large amount of dispertion forces and thus it isa good solvent for large molecules. You see, the larger a moleculeis the more dispertion forces it has. What does all this mean? Well, if two molecules exert the same kindof forces the are miscible. And you guessed it right, oils hav ( Full Answer )

How do you remove oil stain from suede couch?

you take rubbing green alchohal and water on a sponge and dab kid of hard after you can put gain laundry detergent on the sponge to get it out mix all gain laundry detergent -green rubbing alchohal -baking powder baking soda white soda and water rub hard but first dab kind of hard

How do you remove oil deck stain from vinyl widow?

A PVC cleaner will remove oil deck stain from the vinyl part of a window. Pour the cleaner on a clean sponge or rag and wipe in the direction of the grain to remove the stain.