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How do you remove the airbag without activating it so you can remove the steering wheel to replace the high low light switch in a 95 Mazda MPV?


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Dis-connect the battery and wait a few minutes before working on it.


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I have not seen a way to do it without removing the steering wheel (and airbag).

A person removes the airbag, and then the steering wheel with a steering wheel puller. Then pull out the sensor and clock spring, replace both, and replace the steering wheel and the airbag.รŠ

Hi, the faulty part is called a clock spring and it is located inside the steering column. It is a device that allows the steering wheel to be turned without losing electrical contact with the airbag sensor in the steering wheel. Do not try to replace it yourself, take it to the garage, but do have it replaced as your airbag is likely non-functional. Ray

No, the airbag system, and the steering system are completely different. The airbag, in the centre of the steering wheel (i assume) can be replaced. Lets say for example, your vehicle has a crash, and the airbag is deployed, you will need to replace it, and then remove any fault codes from the airbag module (or ECU). If the airbag light is illuminated, but the airbag hasn't deployed, this indicates a general fault (which shouldnt be ignored) Personally id have this investigated by a trained technician, as an exploding airbag isn't something i'd like to be standing next to! SRS systems are complex and rely on a control module, its more electric than it is mechanical, replacing a steering column would just simply; replace the steering column...

to replace airbag, go to a steering colomn specialist. air bag replacememt is a specialist job

You have to replace it, it is under the steering wheel in the column, the ribbon inside that carries the electricity to the airbag breaks.

These and steering airbags need to be professionally installed by a machanic or dealership.

yes you can. You will need to purchase a steering wheel installation kit from a company like Grant. This should be available anywhere that sells steering wheels such as a auto parts store. The only thing that requires a professional is removal of the old airbag, unless it has already been deployed. IF the airbag is still good, have a professional remove the old air bag. If the airbag has already gone off, then you can remove the steering wheel just as any other car and replace it with an aftermarket wheel and installation kit.

Go on you tube and type your question there is a video there that showes you how to do that.

Get a star wrench or alen wrench set. Go on back side of sterring wheel and remove the airbag bolts. Slowly pull airbag off the steering wheel. Pay close attention to where the wires are attached let the airbag wrest on steering wheel and then release the cables from steering wheel. remove old harness and replace with new one. be sure you replace all the cables in the right place and carefully replace airback and 2 screws.

Typically, replacing any factory steering wheel that has the airbag incorporated into it, with any type or brand of aftermarket steering wheel, the airbag diagnostic module will "see" that there is an airbag missing, and it will request an illumination of the airbag/srs warning lite...

you have to remove the steering wheel. (if it has an airbag, be very careful not to set it off.) if no airbag, just remove the steering wheel, and on the ignition switch there is a bolt that simply screws out. remove the ignition switch, and replace with the new one. line up the bolt holes, and replace bolt. put steering wheel back on, and youre done.

no it does not have a steering wheel

You have to remove the steering wheel and driver airbag to replace this multi function me I had to do it.

that job requires a number of special tools. If your truck has an airbag, TAKE IT TO A SHOP, an airbag will blow up in your face.

Yes, but you need to swap your airbag system if your GTI steering wheel hasn't got one. This will mean disconnecting your battery for at least 10 mins disconnecting airbag system, which will mean removing centre consol. Best get a Hayes Manual.

The driver airbag is always located inside the steering wheel.Look at the steering wheel cover for the letters SRS or the word "AirBag".If the airbag does exist,you will see that written.

simply pull tha airbag fuse. remove the 4 torx head scres behind the airbag and remove airbag. unplug theelectrical connector. remove the big nut holding the steering whell. use a puller to remove the steering wheel.

You have to pull the steering wheel... but DON'T. The airbag circuit is very sensitive and if you make even a slight mistake, you can be seriously injured from the airbag. Let someone with experience do that one for you.

The buttons function off the "clockspring" inside the steering wheel, that is where they get their power. The clockspring wiring harness may have come loose. If you aren't familiar with these parts, don't try disassembling your steering wheel or you may end up activating the airbag, very dangerous.

It doesn't. Your face will be less damaged hitting the airbag than if it hits the steering wheel.

Replace the Airbag/horn bracket in the steering wheel, rubber bushings are worn out,

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