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How do you remove the bottom inch of an oil dipstick tube that broke off inside the engine block of a 1972 Plymouth Barracuda?

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2010-10-02 04:50:55

forget about it --if it broke off in the dipstick tube it has

fallen into the oil pan - there is no way it will get past the oil

filter screen in the pan (daddmac) GFish: Tack weld a nut onto the

end of the dipstick tube, Than turn the tube with a ratchet, until

it either comes out, or collapses, you may choose to used either PB

lubricant during this procedure, or take a can of compressed air (

computer keyboard cleaner ) and carefully spray the stuck part

while holding the can upside down.( This deep freezes the part to

well below sub zero temperature.)

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