How do you remove the cover on the steering wheel of a 1995 Toyota pickup to repair the horn?


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2015-07-15 20:00:21
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I'm not sure how similar my fathers 1994 pickup is to yours, but: To remove the horn, there is 1 screw to remove. Feel the belly of the steering column where it meets the steering wheel. On the wheel part, there is a hole. the screw is in the hole. take it out and then pull the top of center hub(horn button) and it should pop right out. there is one wire connecting the switch(horn button) to the steering wheel. that's the switched ground for the horn.

This model does not have an airbag. If yours does, then it may have a few more screws.

Test the horn switch for continuity. If it's ok. there is something else wrong.

I just checked my dads. the horn switch tested ok, the horn was tested and did not work when connected to the battery. Only thing left to check is the relay, because the fuses are all fine. I pulled them to do a visual check as well as with a tester. If I could only find the locations of the horn relay.


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I used Lucas stop leak not a fix but it does work....

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