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Step by step to fix the "off tracked" window on civic ex 2dr 97.

1) Take off the lower speaker cover 2) Unscrew 3 screws that holds the speaker 3) Disconnect the speaker wire plug 4) Unscrew 3 screws that holds the door panel around the speaker. 5) Unscrew the screw inside of "small bucket" on the door panel arm rest, disconnect the power window plug. 6) Unscrew the screw behind door opener by lifting the door opener 7) Turn and wiggle the cover with door opener pulled to take off the cover. 8) Take off the triangular tweeter/cover by using screw driver. It will "pop" out. 9) Use a screw driver to "pop" out the panel cover, by this time, the panel should be loose. Pull up and out on the panel and it will come off.

More InfoExcellent guide to removing the panel, this is the same way I've done it. I'd like to add a bit more information to assist in placing the window back on its rail.

You WILL need a 10mm socket driver. A second set of hands will help!

1) Re-attach the power window controls so that we may temporarily operate the window.

2) Looking at the internal door through the largest opening, roll the window down until you can see the bolt that holds the window on the mechanism. If you move your eyes towards the door hinge, you will see a circular opening in the door and a second bolt that holds the opposite end of the glass.

3) CAUTION!! Make sure the window is held in place while performing this step, or the window may fall into the door and break! Using the 10mm driver, remove both of these bolts and maneuver the window back into its track. (you may even have to pull the glass all the way out of the door) Slide the glass back down into the door, making sure it is sliding straight down and remaining in its track. Bolt the glass back into place and operate the window to ensure it stays in place.

4) Close up the door and enjoy knowing you've saved $175 dollars for doing this yourself!

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Q: How do you remove the door panel of the passenger side door of a 97 Honda Civic to put the window back on track?
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Pushing the button!!

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Buy a new car. Who wants a Honda Civic? You should treat yourself.

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Check the window fuses. They are located underneath the driver side kick panel. If the fuses are blown the windows will not work.

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