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1. Remove the knob from the shift lever (it is threaded onto the shift lever). 2. Remove the shift indicator assembly from the console (it is held in place by either 1 screw or 1 rivet located at the rear of the shifter slot). 3. The console is attached to the shifter assembly by two screws and also attached to the floor by screws located inside the storage compartment.

If you need more info, I have a dealer's 1965 Buick chassis and body parts book (printed in May of 1965) that has many parts break down figures with all of the GM part numbers.

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Q: How do you remove the floor console on a 1965 Buick Skylark automatic for repairs?
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If it's similar to the 1995, you just open the console container, take out the inside bag and look for two bolts directly below. Just remove them and slide the console out toward the back seat. There's a clip that holds it down in the front that's part of the shifter.

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