How do you remove the front door panel from a 2000 Honda civic DX with manual windows?

1) remove the inner window handle by pulling the clip out with a wire hook. There is a small u-shaped clip that holds the handle to the regulator that needs to be pulled from the handle.

2) Pull the small cover off from around the mirror

3) Pull the cover off from around the speaker and remove the three screw that hold the speaker to the door panel. Unhook the speaker. Remove the 3 screws that hold the panel to the door. All of these screws are covered by the speaker grill.

4) There should be at least 2 screws that are located in the armrest handle part in the middle of the panel. Its been a while since I did the manual windows and the only picture I have is the power. Its a different setup. There may be a small cover at the bottom of the armrest that you pull off to expose these screws or they may already be exposed under the arm rest.

5) Once the screws are out, the panel just has a bunch of clips that hold it to the door. Start on one corner of the panel and go around the panel releasing the clips. Once the clips are released lift up on the panel to release the top of the panel from the door.

The window regulator itself bolts to the door. Also the window bolts to the regulator. Not sure how you are thinking to hold the window up but that is how you get to the window itself.