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I haven't done my front doors but I did both rear doors on my 94, there are plastic snap locks that hold your panels on to your door, these can be removed by gently prying with a flat-head screwdriver or by hand, be gentle but don't be a sissy. To get my windows on track I went to a junk yard and took the track guides off of the cars they had there, get as many as you can (never know if you'll need em again or in case you brake one putting it in). Now on your window at the bottom you'll see your track quide, it will most likely be broken in two sitting in the metal track. At the end of the track you'll need to get a somewhat large flat-head to pry the bottom corner of the track out a little so you can either slide or tap it out. Use grease if ya don't have that I used WD40 and coat the track and slide or most likely gently tap the guide into the track. Now use vise grips to put the ball end of the window motor arm into the center hole of the guide(I used dish washing liquid to help, you'll see why). Make sure you secure your track where you bent the corner and your panel will snap back in place. WARNING: BE VERY CAREFUL OF THE SHEET METAL, IT IS RAZOR SHARP! You may be able to get metal guides if you search on line, take care.

Well if that didnt get the front panel off you should remove all the screws from the panel connecting them to the door if its not power optional. (You know pwr windows and locks) Then snap the panel off the plastic pieces and there is a little "C-shaped" pin behind the window crank remove that with special tool. (I used a coat hanger.) Then lift the panel up and off the door.

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Q: How do you remove the front door panel of a 1990 Chevy Caprice and how do you get the window back on the track?
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