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have you tried using an acid? you can also try sanding it with a fine grit sandpaper that is wet. may scratch the tiles though

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Can you put a glaze over an existing white ceramic tile floor?

No, since glaze is a process that requires it to be fired. There are professionals who use an epoxy on glazed ceramic to change colors if that is what you want to achieve.

Can you fire a ceramic piece for a second time with another glaze that has already been fired once with glaze?

No you can not fire a ceramic piece for a second time with another glaze that has already been fired once with glaze because glaze will not bind to a piece that has already been fired.

Can you re glaze and re fire a ceramic?


What is ceramic crawling?

Crawling is a glaze defect in which the glaze separates, leaving portions of bare clay exposed.

How does a glaze change the properties of a ceramic?

potters can cover a ceramic with a thin layer of silicon dioxide and heat it again. This process forms a glassy waterproof coating called a glaze.

Raw brown figurine with some glaze Her hair is glazed yellow with purple and shoes purple Can you tell me if this material is porcelain or ceramic?

It depends. Does she look rough under the glaze? If so she is ceramic

How can you waterproof painted ceramic pots?

varnish, pva glue, some glaze

Can you use glossy ceramic wall tile on a floor?

Possibly, you should speak to the manufacturer or check their website as there might be good reasons why it is qualified as wall only. 1)The glaze might not be strong enough for flooring and could wear off. 2)Since this is a ceramic wall tile it could crack when used on the floor.

How do you re glaze a tile floor?

Since glazing is done through a firing process, you cannot practically re glaze floor tile.

How do you tell whether the ceramic tile with or without glaze?

The way to tell if a ceramic tile has glaze or not is to look at it and touch it. An unglazed tile witll have a rough feel and dull look to it. A glazed one will have a shiny look and feel smooth.

How do you spell porcelin?

The correct spelling is "porcelain" (ceramic, usually with a smooth exterior glaze).

Can you re glaze all kinds of porcelain?

Depends on exactly what you mean ---- of course you cannot really remove the fired glaze and then apply another one but it is often possible to paint ceramic colours onto a fired item and then re-fire it. If its very old then there may be a problem with cracking of the pot or crazing of the glaze. In the end you just have to try it and hope for the best!

Can your ceramic tile lost it sealer?

Sealer is applied on top of the glaze & does not penetrate the glass Glaze, so over time & with use & cleaning it will wear off. so YES!

Should you glaze a ceramic deep dish before baking in it?

Yes you should.. the unglazed ceramic is not good for you, I belive it's a long the lines of one of the cancer causing.

What kind of paint can I use for ceramic tile in my bathroom?

Ceramic tile in the bathroom will need to be painted with a glaze made especially for tile. This will need to be formulated to withstand moisture and heat as well.

How do you get glaze and paint off of ceramic figures?

Ceramic figures should be left to dry for 24hours and we can easily apply paint & when the paint gets dry applying varnish on it will give a shiny look.

What is the raw material used for making of ceramic tile Glaze Tile. And What is the Price of the machine for making of Ceramic Tile?

All ceramic tiles are made of clay. From what I know, usually the tile manufacturers have machines that cost up to 1 million dollars

Is porcelain better than ceramic tile?

No. Porcelain is a type of ceramic. if installed correctly with first quality goods neither floor will chip, scrape or crack. All of the price in any type of tile ceramic porcelain or natural stone has completely to do with the labor involved in manufacture. The more labor or steps that are involved in adding color or glaze or sizing, the higher the cost because they have more money invested in that particular tile.

What is procelain?

a strong, vitreous, translucent ceramic material, biscuit-fired at a low temperature, the glaze then fired at a very high temperature.

What tiles is better in your bathroom is it plastic tiles or clay tiles?

I prefer Ceramic Floor Tiles. Ceramics score high on the ease-of-maintenance, but they are not nearly as comfortable to bare feet as vinyl, or as easy to install. They offer a great look, however they are available in a variety of beautiful finishes, textures, and patterns. When protected with a high-grade glaze, ceramic tile will resist wear and scratches.

Is there a health risk from ceramic glaze on cookware that is worn off and pottery exposed?

There can be. Some pottery (and some glazes) use lead and that can be hazardous.

What are the pros and cons of ceramic tiles?

Some of the cons of ceramic tile are that chips and scratches remove the colored glaze, it is difficult to repair or re-surface and it can sort of look like plastic. Some of the pros are that it is water and stain-proof, durable, extremely wear-resistant and long-lasting, also it is easy to clean with hot water or standard cleaning products.

What is the glaze used on pottery?

Glaze that is on pottery or ceramics is actually Glass. It is applied in it's raw form, as a liquid soluble on to the clay, and then fired in a kiln. At the proper heat, the glaze melts and reacts with the gases in the clay and flows. When proper maturity is reached for the glaze, the kiln is powered off and allowed to cool slowly. Glaze is used to seal and decorate the Pottery/Ceramic piece. There are many types of Glazes, but the most 2 popular types are Over Glaze and Under Glaze. Under Glaze, is mostly coloured clay, and its use is primarily for decorative designs. It is fired so that it is set and permanent to the clay, and then over glaze, perhaps Clear to seal the piece and in a second glaze firing. There is much much more to this, but this is as concise an answer for the question.

Why is a pot blue?

Probably the most common reason for blue in a ceramic pot is the inclusion of cobalt either as an oxide or carbonate in the glaze or clay itself.

What causes hairline cracks in porcelain sinks?

The appearance of cracks in porcelain is known as crazing. This is when the glaze of the porcelain or ceramic cracks, which does not change the integrity of the item.

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