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I presume they're the stick-on kind. If so, try a few drops of Ronson lighter fluid on the top edge while pulling gently away. Once the adhesive begins to soften, keep putting a small amount of fluid on the portions still stuck and keep the tension on to further expose the adhesive. Once free, cleanup can be done with cotton cloth generously moistened with lighter fluid to remove the rest of the sticky stuff. On the other hand, if they were attached with a hardening adhesive like Super Glue or equivalent, might check with your local wrecking yard for a replacement pair. Super Glue can be dissolved with acetone (active ingredient in nail polish remover) but it will also attack the lens plastic as well as any paint or other plastic it drips on. Don't attempt to use it. Michael

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Q: How do you remove the headlamp covers from your 1995 Ford Explorer?
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How replace headlamps on Pontiac Sunfire 1995?

Remove the air intake splash shield from the vehicle. Remove the 2 headlamp retaining bolts. Remove the lamp assembly from the front of the vehicle. Detach the headlamp connector. Remove the headlamp bulb retaining ring. Remove the headlamp bulb from the headlamp.

How do you get to the wiper controller on a 1995 Ford Explorer?

remove wiper arms and cowl

How do you remove the left fender on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron?

Loosen the screws of the lower grill and headlamp assembly so that it can be removed from the fenders. Remove the upper grill fasteners and remove the grill. Take off the headlight housing. Remove the headlamp motor and housing. Take out the headlight. Now the fender can be unbolted and removed.

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix?

With the hood open remove the (2) two headlamp assembly bolts from the upper fascia support. Slide the headlamp assembly outward enough to release the headlamp bracket tabs from the slots in the upper fascia support. (to release the tabs from the slots on the passenger side lens move the assembly to the left when facing the engine, and when doing the drivers side lens shift the assembly to the right ) Position the headlamp assembly away from the vehicle body to access the electrical connector. Disconnect the electrical connector from the headlamp assembly. Remove the headlamp assembly from the vehicle. If you wish to change the halogen bulb: Disconnect the electrical connector from the headlamp bulb/socket. Remove the headlamp bulb/socket retainer ring from the headlamp, by turning counterclockwise. Remove the headlamp bulb/socket from the headlamp assembly. Hope this helps. "G" These instructions are similar from around '96 to '03 grand prix model years all trim levels.

Does a 1995 Ford Explorer have a chip key?

On a 1995 Ford Explorer : No ( at least my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT doesn't )

Replace the headlamp on 1995 Chrysler lhs?

I just had to replace the passenger headlamp on my 1995 LHS. First remove the plastic cover over the lights and the radiator. There is a Phillips screw next to the body that attaches the side light to the headlight assembly. Remove the screw and the side light should slide toward the front of the car. Remove the power cable to the light. Reach in and find the hole for the cable to the headlamp. Turn the locking mechanism and pull it off. The power cable will probably come off or the headlamp may or may not come off too. If not then just pull the cable off the headlamp and then pull the head lamp. Pay attention when putting back the side light that it goes in the slide on the bottom.

Why is heater on 1995 explorer lukewarm?

why is heater on 1995 explorer lukewarm

How do you change the front speakers on a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo?

The speaker covers are held in with a screw, remove it and tilt it out away from where the screw was. then remove the screws holding the speaker in and remove the speaker.

How do you change the fuel pump on a 1995 ford explorer?

You must remove the gas tank. The pump is mounted on top of it.

Does a 1995 Ford Explorer have an electric transmission?

The automatic transmission in a 1995 Ford Explorer is electronically controlled

How do you install the headlamp switch in a 1995 jeep wrangler?

I am pretty sure you have the toggle style switch, remove the lower dash bezel, and the switch is connected to the metal frame with 2 screws.

What kind of transmission fluid in a 1995 Ford Explorer?

Remove the transmission dipstick and read what it says on the stick, it will tell you what fluid to use.

Where are the Spark Plugs located in the 1995 Lexus SC 400?

You have to remove the panel on the valve covers, 4 bolts, and under them are the plugs.

What is the headlamp specification for a 1995 Honda Del Sol?

they're H4's

1995 Ford Explorer fuse box diagram?

diagram of 1995 ford explorer xlt fuse box

How do you disconnect the ant theft device on 1995 Ford Explorer?

A 1995 Ford Explorer is unlikely to be stolen by ants.

How do you replace the front speakers in a 1995 Saab 900 SE?

Remove the speaker covers. Remove the speaker retaining screws. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the speakers. Reverse the process to install the new speakers.

Pictures where the fuel filter is on a 1995 Ford Explorer?

I don't have pictures , but it is underneath the Explorer , below the drivers door , mounted on the frame rail on a 1995 Ford Explorer

What kind of transmissions do the put in the 1995 Ford Explorer limited?

The automatic transmission used in the 1995 Ford Explorer is a ( 4R55E )

Shift module in a 1995 Ford Explorer?

where does a shift module go in at on a 1995 ford explorer xlt 4.0 2wd

Did the 1995 Ford Explorer have automatic headlights?

My friends 1995 Ford Explorer Limited does , the controls are on the rear view mirror

How do you remove driver side headlamp on Honda civic 1995 Bob?

1st remove the electrical connection by pushing in clips on both sides then remove remove the rubber cap, then there is a clip that you push in then pull back out of the way. if you are on the passenger side you must remove the air cleaner by lifting it directly up. It was easier than I imagined. Bud

What color is the ABS fuse on a 1995 Ford Explorer to disconnect it?

on My 1995 limited the fuse is red and it is #14 in the fuse panel if you remove the fuse the yellow abs light on your dash board will stay on .....

Where is the headlamp relay located on a 1995 Pathfinder?

i have looked at the schematics and i cannot find a headlamp relay, it is either straight wired or using either the ignition or accessory relay.

How do you replace the valve cover gaskets on a 1995 Lincoln mark 8?

Remove the plastic cover if your car still has it installed and remove the bolts holding the covers on and remove, the drivers side is a pain, you may have to remove other parts so they can be removed.