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there is 3 10 or llmm nuts on the back of the headlight assembly, then once that is removed there will be 4 torx screws that hold the headlight trim in place, once these are removed then bumper fillers can be installed.

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How do you put gas in a Chevy Caprice?

Thru the fuel-filler nozzle...

What is the plastic trim part behind the rear fender called in a Cadillac Brougham 1990?

its called light filler it covers the wiring to the back tailights same like a bumper filler that fills the space on the front bumper

What is the bar across the front of a car behind the bumper called please?

It is called the bumper reinforcement or impact bar, it is covered by a Styrofoam filler and the outer bumper skin (the part you normally see).

How do you put oil in a 1987 Chevy Caprice classic?

Remove oil-filler cap and add oil...

How do replace fuel filler neck on 95 Toyota Corolla?

To replace the fuel filler neck on the 95 Toyota Corolla, one can sent one's Toyota Corolla to a local service shop. One can also attempt to replace the filler neck by oneself.

How do you replace a Fuel Filler Hose on a Subaru Outback?

how to inspect fuel filler hose on 2004 subaru outback

How do you replace fuel filler neck on 4.2L Ford E-150 van.?

How do replace fuel filler hose on a 96 ford e-150 v8 van

How do add oil in a 1998 Jeep 4 liter?

Open filler cap, add oil, replace filler cap...

Can you repair a plastic bumper?

If they have been damaged by taking a hit, resulting in distortion or tearing ,no. Scratches can be filled with a 2 part plastic filler available at auto shops. Car body filler will not stick .

How do you replace fuel filler pipe 1994 Nissan Sentra?

4 bolts at the filler and the other you have to put your head under the car and look

How do you remove a 89 civic bumper?

its a series of screws and bolts.. its really easy.. first the two screws on each side of the wheel well where it meets with the fenders on each side of the car.. second take the bumper lights out with the single screw either on the inside or outside (i forget).. pull out the the bumper lights and take out the lights from the light sockets on the bumper lights.. third behind the bumper lights is where the bumper support bolts on to the frame.. its alot easier if you take of the bumper support with it.. they're two 12mm bolts one on top the otherbehind each bumper light.. take off all four.. then the bumper will hang loose.. on the bottom of the bumper will be two 10mm bolts where the bumper connects to the radiator support.. take those off as well.. and voualla.. (how ever u spell it) the bumper is off when replacing any front end piece (besides the hood) it is always good to take off the front bumper.. i found out the hard way when i tried to replace my filler panel (between bumper and head light)

Where is the washer bottle for a 1993 Honda accord 2.0?

left front of bumper and filler is left front of engine bay. Marcus. L

Where is washer fluid container in 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

the tank is behind the front bumper passenger side......to fill...open hood and filler is located on the end side of the radiator...open cap of filler...not the radiator cap.

How do you remove 1987 caprice classic headlights for bumper filler replacement?

Best way is to remove the header panel / headlight assembly as the bumper is little more work and the hidden bolt holding in the shocks ( i still cant figure where that is). First there are 2 -13 mm bolts on the very top left and right corners by the fenders / brackets ( where the fender brackets to the radiator core support) holding it back towards the car. Then behind the very center of the grill to the radiator / condenser area there is a bracket going up and down there are two bolts 13mm that needs be taken off as you can keep the bracket attacked to the header panel. I believe also inside the radiator core support on head side where it meets the fenders there are two studs that you need to take the nuts off. Then wiggle it to see if there are any other bolts left. Make sure to disconnect the head and marker lights. Then once the header panel is off you can replace the filler panel.

The fuel filler line rusted and broke off of my 2000 Chrysler Cirrus and I was wondering I could just replace that one part cheaply or do I have to replace the whole tank?

The rust won't stop there, and welding a new filler neck on a gas tank is fairly dangerous. Replace the whole thing. It's both safer and more effective. If the tank is plastic you should be able to replace the filler tube without any problems.

How do you remove a scratch on a plastic car bumper?

To remove a scratch on a plastic car bumper sand it lightly. If the scratch did not come out, fill it with filler. Next clean the area. Block off the parts of the bumper that you do not want to get paint on. Spray primer over the area and then finish with spray paint in the correct color.

Where is the transmission filler located on a 1995 BMW 318i?

transmission filler is located under the car. car needs to be jacked up to replace and refill transmission.

How do you replace a broken transmission dip stick filler tube on Chevrolet 1500 pick up truck?

Remove mounting clamps - filler tube should pull out of transmission- you will have to replace "O" ring seal at bottom of tube

Where is the charcoal canister on a 1997 Hyundai accent?

Its right in the back by the bumper in my 1998. You will see 2 hoses come of the filler hose that go right to it.

How do you replace fuel filler neck line on a 1996 F-150 ford econoline van?

i replace the filler neck on my 1994 E150 with a piece of radiator hose. it leaked every time i filled up with gas. had to replace the vent hose also with a piece of heater hose.

Your pacific hydrostar pressure washer is blowing oil out of the filler tube for the pump what could cause this problem?

The filler tube has a hole in the side causing the oil to blow out. Remove the filler tube and replace with a threaded plug and the problem will be solved.

How do you replace the fuel filler neck on a Ford Econoline Van?

Unscrew it at the top and unclamp it at the bottom.

Why does the fuel splash out of the car?

did you forget to replace the cap on the filler tube ? or you may have a leaking line

How do you remove the rear bumper cover on a 1993 Ford Taurus wagon?

To remove the rear bumper cover on a 1993 Ford Taurus wagon, the lights need to be disconnected in the rear. Once all electrical connections are disconnected in the rear, remove the taillights and the fuel filler overflow hose. Remove any nuts and bolts holding the bumper cover on. Using needle nose pliers, pop the push pins around the bumper cover upwards. Slowly pull on the bumper to remove it.

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