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I have a 93 stang and have replaced all the front lights. I find it easiest to take the headlight out first. Unplug the headlight bulb from the housing and move it out of the way. The headlight is held in place by three bolts. 7/16" I think. Once you get the headlight out I find it easier to reach the bolts for the other lights. The side marker and turn signal lights each have two bolts holding them in. .

Hey Alan==They all have screws holding them in. Find them and remove them. GoodluckJoe

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Q: How do you remove the headlights side marker and turn signal lights from a 1991 Ford Mustang?
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How do you take the headlights out of a Lincoln Mark VIII?

Remove from under the hood, the side marker lights have to be removed before the headlights will come out. You also have to remove the battery and the air box.

How Remove headlights 2005 mustang?

take off the bumper

How do you remove the headlights on a 1997 Ford Mustang?

from the inside of the hood maybe?

How do you change marker lights 1995 bronco?

Remove the two bolts that hold the whole trim assembly together. Remove the outer trim and turn signal and then the marker lights to change them.

Remove grill 1990 Chevy truck?

frist remove turn signal/marker lights then remove grill from rad support.

What are other ways to remove yellowing on head lights?

Remove Yellow haze on headlights Check related link below

How do you remove headlights on 1998 mustang?

Pop the hood and behind the headlights there are 3 black washers on each headlight. You must squeeze the sides of the washers in and then the headlight slides right out.

How to change side marker bulbs 2000 Ford Crown Victoria?

Front marker lights can be changed by removing front headlight assembly. To remove pull up on two metal clips behind light assembly and unplug wires. The side marker lights are now accessable. Turn bulb socket ccw to remove.

How do you change side marker lights on 2002 Lexus is 300?

To change the side marker lights on this model, remove the screws of under cover that attaches to the bumper. It would be easiest to do if the vehicle was lifted up in some way.

How do you change a turn signal bulb in 2003 Tiburon?

if your talking about the front all you do is remove your headlights or tail lights. if its the front you can also do it just by opening the hood you don't need to remove the lights. but the taillights you need to remove.

How do you change side marker lights on 2003 Mercedes s430?

All I did was remove the side marker lens by taking a small flat head screwdriver and pop it out. The side marker isn't screwed in so it comes right off. Then just remove the bulb by rotating counterclockwise.

How do you remove 2000 Ford F-350 marker lights?

there is a clip on the back side under the fender. usually rusted so a new one will be needed when you change marker light.

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