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How do you remove the ignition switch in a 87 Chevy s10 that does not have a tilt wheel?


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remove the steering wheel, then the turn signal lever and cam. you will then see a small bolt down in the right hand side of the column, remove the bolt and pull out the ignition switch. GOOD LUCK!

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Remove cowling from under the steering wheel, remove the two nuts holding the wheel coloum. Drop the steering coloum. Ignition switch is about a foot down on the left side. Unhook the wires remove switch replace. P.S. Unhook battery cables high voltage in ignition system.

Remove the steering wheel. (you will need a steering wheel puller) Remove the turn signal switch. It is not necessary to completely remove the switch from the column. Pull the switch rearward far enough to slip it over the end of the shaft, but do not pull the harness out of the column. Turn the lock to Run. If necessary, remove the ignition key. If equipped, remove the buzzer switch assembly. Remove the lock retaining screw and remove the lock cylinder.

you have to remove the steering wheel. (if it has an airbag, be very careful not to set it off.) if no airbag, just remove the steering wheel, and on the ignition switch there is a bolt that simply screws out. remove the ignition switch, and replace with the new one. line up the bolt holes, and replace bolt. put steering wheel back on, and youre done.

First remove the steering wheel, remove the torx screws and remove the house, remove the signal switch and the wiper switch, remove the torx screws and?æremove the ignition switch. Put in the new switch and replace everything in reverse.?æ

you have to remove the steering wheel, after that you need a tool to releave the tenison on the plate that looks like a sun there is a clip to remove. after that if you look where the switch is you will see a screw, if you remove it the switch will come out.

Remove the airbag and steering wheel, remove the torx screws from the steering housing and remove the housing, remove the screws from the signal and wiper switch, and remove the screws above the ignition switch and remove the switch. Replace the switch and replace everything in reverse.Ê

to remove the ignition switch from a 72 Chevy first remove the steering wheel, then remove the three screws that hold the turn signal assembly the turn signalhandle will unscrew if there is no cruse control if there is the handle will have a screw holding it in place this must be removed under the turn signal assembly there is a screw usually a #27 torx remove this and your ignition switch will slide right out

You will need to remove your steering wheel and remove all internals. There is a 10mm bolt that holds the ignition in place. When you remove that it will slide right out.

remove steering gose in the middle... 4 directions go 2 google n type in directions 4 removing it

youve got to remove the steering wheel, take the locking mecanism off, then the mecanism for the signal lights off....whitch should only have a few screws.....then where the ignition switch should see a screw that looks like it goes through the switch..remove that then give the ignition switch a tug or two and it should come out

changing the ignition switchfirst you have to take the steering wheel off.then you have to to have a tool called a steering wheel lock plate remocer/installer to remove the plate under the wheel .then you need to remove the turn signal switch (there is four screws holding it in , remember how you take it off )after that you have a little torx screw that you remove so you can slide the ignition out of the column .use the same directions in reverse to put the system back together with the new ignition switch

First you will have to remove the who steering wheel surrounds. Once this is removed, you will see the screws that are holding the ignition switch in place; remove those screws and then unhook all the wires.

To remove the igniton lock, remove the steering wheel and turn signal switch housing. From there you will be able to see the lock which holds the ignition lock into place. slide a screwdriver into the slot and apply pressure. The igntion lock can then be pulled out.

you must remove the steering wheel and turn signal from column. then you can acces the screw to remove the switch.

remove the steering wheel with special tools and then the turn signal arm and switch assembly plate to expose the ignition switch lock bolt use some fingernail polish to mark the positions of anything you remove.

You need to remove the steering wheel first with a puller. There is a latch you can trip with a small screwdriver that will let the ignition switch slide out. Simply replace the switch and put the steering wheel back on.

requires disabling airbag removing steering wheel and turnsignal cam remove switch retaining lock then switch install is reverse consult manual to disable airbab as to avoid injury

Pull the steering wheel with a puller tool, remove the lockplate with a lockplate tool, remove the turn signal assembly, remove the hazzard switch, remove the brass connector, remove the lock cylinder.

its a pain. pull the steering wheel, you will need a wheel puller. the u must take off the turn signal parts and the retaining plate. then there is a release for the tumbler unit, push the release then slide out the old ignition switch. -thorr On the 83 model chev halfton the ignition switch is down on the coloumn closer to the fire wall thers is 4 bolts holding it to the coloumn, remove them and then rotate the switch to remove the rod coming from the ignition lock(where the key goes) and then unplug the wiring harness from it.

If the memory is not all worn, turn switch to accessory before removing it, after pulling wheel.

Ignition switch is located above brake pedal on column. It has long flat electrical connector to it. If by ignition switch you mean the key tumbler: Remove steering wheel. Remove lock plate. Remove Turn signal switch. Remove screw retaining ignition. There should be a code stamped on the ignition. If the ignition is still good a locksmith can cut the key from the code. Might be cheaper to slap a new one if you have already got that far though.

Basically on most models you disconnect the battery, remove the horn button assembly, steering wheel, and turn signal assembly to expose the ignition switch and retaining screw. Remove the switch and install your new one and put everything back together again. This takes a couple of tools like a steering wheel puller and a steering wheel spring compression tool. Another Model require you to drop the steering column fron the dash but you don't have to remove the steering wheel. A Chevy book from your local library would be a good way to start this job. See if it has ignition switch replacement section and if so check it out for a few days.It's about an hour job if you are prepared

you will have take the air bag off if equipp the steering wheel turn signal switch and lock plate

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