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Q: How do you remove the instrument cluster from a 1999 Buick Century?
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Will the instrument cluster out of a 03 Buick century fit and function in 00 Buick century?

Yes they were the same exact cluster.

Digital odometer is not working Buick Century?

search for instrument cluster repair in search engine

Does an 1994 Buick LaSabre have in instrument cluster?

The gauges on the dash is the instrument cluster.

Can you replace a Buick century instrument cluster with a Buick regal cluster?

Some years were interchangeable, some weren't If your problem is the instrument lighting, such as the odometer not displaying mileage. Then you would want to refurbish your cluster. I refurbish 97-04 century clusters so I think I may be able to help you out. Contact me at ANCTechnologies at

Where is the instrument cluster located on a 1991 Buick Lesabre?

The instrument cluster is what houses the speedometer, and the gauges.

How do you fix a buick regal instrument cluster?

Replace resistors on Instrument cluster circuit board. $1.00 @ Radioshack and about an hour of your time...

How do you relamp your fuel gauge on a 2003 Buick LaSabre?

1. remove the entire dash board 2. remove the instrument cluster 3. change bulb

Gear shift display in 2001 buick century went black?

This is a problem with your instrument cluster. It's a bit technical, contact me at ANCTechnologies at hotmail

How do you remove the sun visor on a 1999 Buick Century?

how do I remove the sunvisors off a 1999 Buick Century

Where is the instrument cluster relay located on a 1991 buick regal limited?

where is the 91 vandura G2500 Instrument Panel Cluster Relay located

Where is the backup light fuse for 2002 Buick century?

There are no fuses for the dash lights. Are your dash lights not working? If not, then you will need the instrument cluster refurbished. I can do this for you, contact me at ANCTechnologies at hotmail

How do you fix a 2004 Buick Rainier Speedometer?

You have to replace the instrument cluster in most cases.

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