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How do you remove the interior door panels on the sliding door and the rear doors of a 1992 GMC Safari van?


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2004-11-28 06:06:20
2004-11-28 06:06:20

The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.


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The 1990 Nissan interior panels are held in place with eight retaining clips. Pry outward on each retaining clip to remove the interior door panels.

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Need to know how to remove the interior door panel so I can replace motor for electric window

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I have a 77. The interior panels are held in place by a ghizmo similar to velcro. Mine just pull off. 7T77T7

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i would like to know how to remove the panels for the interior side lights to change the light bulbs

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you have to remove the inside panels to get at the latch to open

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