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the battery is in front of the tire on the passenger side. Remove the plastic cover in front of the tire


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battery on a 1999 dodge intrepidYou may have to remove the front driver side wheel to gain access to the battery compartment. At least that's where it is on the 1998 Dodge Startus. hope this helps.

A 1998 Dodge Intrepid has a 17 gallon gas tank capacity.

It does control the alternators charging of the battery.

The battery is located under the air cleaner, in front of the rf tire. You will have to remove the air cleaner and inner fender liner to access.

The Intrepid only uses distributorless engines. There is no distributor to have a cap.

Yes, 2nd Generation Intrepid was made from 1999 through 2004 IDENTICAL Cars Actually, it was 1998 through 2004.

how do you program a keyless remote for a 94 Dodge Intrepid. I battery died and now the horn keeps going off

There are 4 in the exhaust system.

Disconect the battery for a few minutes!

Not sure about 2002, but on a 2004 intrepid, you have to take right front tire off. There is a panel in the wheel well that you use to access the battery.

They last forever!

it is on top of the steering wheel column

Driver side rear of engine block.

Under the air cleaner ahead of the rf tire.

no the 1996 -1998 is the same then the 2000-2004 is the same so it will not fit

Dodge Intrepid was created in 1993.

1993-1997 you hook the cables to the battery. 1998-2004 you hook the cable to the jump start posts under the hood, passenger side.

Sounds like a starter or battery problem, possibly wiring problem

No, it will not, design is much too different to make it feasable. For a 2000 intrepid you must use a 1998-2001 engine. Check out for a ton of info on these cars.

with a scan tool or by disconnecting the battery.with a scan tool or by disconnecting the battery.

You take the old one out and put the new one in.

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