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How do you remove the panel to replace the power door lock switch on 1997 Buick Park Avenue?


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The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You may want to go to a car parts store, or book store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

1. Remove the cover around the door handle, by opening the door handle, and gently prying it loose with a small screwdriver. 2. Remove the cover located in the armrest by using a small screwdriver. Remove the two screws located there. 3. Remove the light located near the door opening, by gently prying with a small screwdriver. Remove the one screw located there. 4. Remove the plastic pin located in the defogger air duct opening by grasping with needle nose pliers or by prying with a small screwdriver. 5. The entire door panel can then be lifted up and off the door.


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