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How do you remove the pollen filter from vw sharan?


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It seems to be accessed from inside the front passenger footwell - try for pictures. Oops - no Dead Wrong. I just did the job and it took about 30 mins. Park wipers in vertical position

Open bonnet / hood

Disconnect battery neg terminal

Working inside engine compartment...

Remove plastic tray which runs across back of engine compartment under wiper mechanism - remove 3 screws and ease forwards and to left

Pull on bottom tab just to left of central plastic vertical bar on pollen filter to bring filter holder forwards about 3 or 4 cm

Slide, wiggle & fiddle holder and filter to LEFT until it comes out of wiper mechanism area Remove old filter and insert new one into holder, then gently guide and wiggle the filter holder back along the space below the wiper mechanism until it is all the way to the right, and then push the lower edge until it clicks back into place.

Replace plastic tray and replace the 3 screws. Reconnect battery. Done.