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How do you remove the rack pinion 1993 Lincoln mark viii?

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June 14, 2009 5:55PM

Like every do-it-yourself repair, safety comes first. You will

need to be under the car. Use only well-rated and stable frame

stands to support the car. Have some backup supports if for some

reason the car shifts. Think three times. Act once. Elevate the car

so that you have adequate room to work. You will need about 12

inches of clearance above your chest minimum. Remove the wheels and

set them aside. Remove the tie rod ends from the lower A-arm

assembly. Above the transverse frame member you will find the point

that the steering shaft enters the rack. The steering shaft has a

groove machined around it, andis retained by a bolt that is

threaded into the universal joint at the steering gear. Using a

13mm. hex socket, remove the bolt. USe as suitable means to spread

the split where the bolt was removed, to allow the shaft to drop

out of the universal joint. This might take some persuasion if the

car has seen a lot of snow and salt. Move next forward under the

car. Remove the two large bolts from the front of the rack housing.

The two on the ends. Not the one in the middle, its just a dust

cover. This WILL take some persuasion or an impact wrench. It will

also take backup wrenches on the nut-end of the bolt. In extreme

cases, you might have to cut the bolts off. If so, cut them next to

the frame member. Once removed, the steering gear housing is free

of the frame. Remove the hose connections from the top end of the

housing. The connections on the underside are "captive" and go with

the steering gear. There's no need to remove them. The unit will

bleed fluid. It's best to have some cardboard or absorbent cloth

under the car while you're working, and after you dismount the

unit. If the car is in good condition and is getting regular

service, and is a warm weather car, removal should take about an

hour plus setup. If not, count on at least half a day for cutting

bolts, letting penetrating oil work on rust buildup etc. Have fun!

This one's nasty.

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