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You need a special tool. It is like steal "U". The other thing that I did is just pull it out with all your energy. You will brake some supports on right and left sides but that radio is garbage.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-08 16:44:45
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Q: How do you remove the radio from a 1998 Mazda Protege and does the dash have to come out?
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How do you repair a door on a 1998 Mazda Protege?

get a manual

Turn Signals are not working 1998 Mazda Protege?

no they are not

Spark Plug Gap in a 1998 Mazda protege?


Is the Mazda protege 1998 front wheel drive?


Mazda protege 1998 Squeaky stick shift?

A squeaky stick shift on a Mazda Protege likely needs greasing. It is recommended that you use a silicon grease for this.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1998 Mazda protege?

in the petrol tank

What is the motor oil capacity for a 1998 Mazda Protege?

I am sure it is 3.9L

What type of oil goes in 1998 Mazda protege?


Where do you add transmission fluid to a 1998 Mazda protege?

To add transmission fluid to a 1998 Mazda Protege, locate the transmission reservoir. It is typically located on the left hand side towards the back of the car under the hood.

How do you repair the horn on a 1998 Mazda Protege?

The horn is located on the front passenger side of the car. if you remove the front passenger headlight you will be able to see it from there

What is the firing order for a 1998 Mazda Protege?


How do you put on Serpentine belt on a 1998 Mazda protege?

This year Mazda protege does not have a serpentine belt. It has two belts, one for the alternator/water pump, and the other for the power steering and a/c.

What does the tail light fuse have to do with the radio in a 1998 Mazda protege?

have two fuse boxes in this vehichle one under the dashboard on thedriver side one under the hood by the battery

How do you install an aftermarket radio in a 1998 Mazda Protege?

Order a stereo from Crutchfield. That is what I did. You tell them you have a Mazda Protege 1998 and they send all the harnesses and DIN tools you need. All you need is a flathead screwdriver, soldering iron and some solder, electrical tape, wire strippers. I had a little trouble figuring out where to ground my Kenwood stereo, but I figured out you can hook it up to the Protege's black and yellow wire that used to plug into the back of the factory stereo.

Can a 1998 Mazda protege transmission be installed in a 1998 Mazda 626?

If u have the same 1.8 or 1.6 in them u should be able to.

Where is the fuse box on a 1998 Mazda Protege?

under the steering wheel bottom left side

Do 1998 Mazda protege 1.5L engine piston hit valves when broke timing belts?


How do you replace fuel pump relay in 1998 Mazda protege?

location of fuel pump relay

How can you fix a 1998 Mazda protege where the oil shoots up into the air filter?

Replace the PCV Valve.

Does the check engine light on a 1998 Mazda Protege have a fuse?

It is run off of the same fuse as the engine computer.

Where is the PCM located oa a 1998 Mazda Protege?

is under the transmission stick console, heres a web page for mre info.

What could be wrong if the horn on a 1998 Mazda Protege clicks but does not make a sound?

It is in front of the radiator and the horn itself can be bad.

Does the windshield washer pump on a 1998 Mazda Protege have a fuse?

The fuse located inside (driver's side) #13 is responsible for it.

How do you remove factory radio on BMW 740IL 1998?

how do you remove the radio from the 1998 740il. I am trying to repair the cup holder.

How do you remove the steering wheel on a 1998 Mazda Protege with air bag?

if you don't know how to do it, hire someone who does. this can be a dangerous procedure, if there is power to the air bag when it is disconnected, it will discharge, it has been know to break unsuspecting necks.

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