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As long as the brake drum is just covering the brakes like normal, just hit it with a rubber hammer (or regular hammer, just don't do much damage) and rotate it slowly using the beating affect, until it comes loose, and pull it off.

If the drum is seized to the center hub, there is a way to gently force it off. Drilled through the drum are two threaded holes, within the bolt circle and 180 degrees from each other across the hub. Thread a bolt into each of these, 12mm X 20 threads/inch X 1.5 inches long. Start threading one of them in, and when you encounter resistance, go to the other. They are bottomed out on the wheel hub and forcing the brake drum away from it. Now tighten down on them alternately until you hear the brake drum come loose. You probably have to tighten both bolts until you hear it break loose both sides. Then it slides right off. If you don't have a couple of 12mm bolts handy, borrow the ones out of the bracket on the front of the exhaust manifold. They fit perfectly.

Actually, it might depend on which trim you have, I have the HX and had to remove my rear drum today. You have to carefully pry the center cap off, then you will see a large nut, this may or may not be held in place with a keeper pin. It should take a 1 and 1/4" socket to remove the nut, then the drum and hub will pull off the spindle.

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Q: How do you remove the rear brake drum on a 2001 Honda Civic?
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