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1) Remove the tail light assemblies from each of their sockets. (3 srews each) 2) Remove the license plate and light assembly (I believe 3 screws again) 3) Lay down and reach up under and remove the 16 to 20 nuts from the bolts that pinch together the rear bumper to the rear of the body. They are a little long-winded, but you will see them clearly and hate them when you are through. Take care to salvage the thin template-looking metal strips the nolts go through. You may need to re-use it on your replacement bumper. Replacing the new one is done with these steps, only in reverse. It works better to have a helper in this replacing. The edge allignment works best to adjust it as you go since it is flexible. The second person on the outside cam move it as necessary to make it look right the first time. You will see what I mean when you start putting it back together.

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2006-07-13 21:14:18
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Q: How do you remove the rear bumper from a 1976 corvette?
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