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alright, i have just done this to my impala. pull your back seats down, there should be some screws right behind them...around 4. then you will need to pull of the little grey panel the screws came off of. afterwards, you will need to unsrew the screws underneath the speakers in the trunk, just leave your back seats down and crawl through right there. once you have done that, just pop off the back panel, and then you will need to unscrew the speakers, then pull them off, (just pull them because they have a glue that holds them in, they will not brake!), then you will need to cut off the stock adapter on the end of the wire that was attached to your speakers, then you will just attach the red and black wires to your speakers and install them. reverse the process to put your panel back on...note that you will not be able to use the grill that came with your speacker because the stock speaker grill (or cover) has little interlocking pieces that latch onto the rear dash panel.

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Q: How do you remove the rear speakers in a 2005 Chevy Impala?
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