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How do you remove the serpentine belt tensioner on a 91 Pontiac sunbird 2.0?


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you will have to take you power stearing pump off i think its two 15mm nuts on the bottom and a 1/2 nut on he top u will have to take your alutnotor off to get at it

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Remove the serpentine belt. Tensioner is below Alternator. Remove the three mounting bolts on the tensioner baracket assembly. Replace entire unit.

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On the main drive serpentine belt, there is a tensioner pulle. it is positioned at 6:00. relieve tension remove belt. reverse process for reinstallation.

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To remove the accessory drive belt or the serpentine belt from the motor on a 1989 Sunbird, it is necessary to loosen the belt tensioner. Look for a pulley that has a bolt in a slot. Loosen the bolt and move the tensioner so there is a gap in the belt. Then remove the belt from each pulley.

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After you have released the tension from the belt, remove the 2 obvious bolts that hold it to the engine block.

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Near the top of the belt there is a belt tensioner; it has a pulley attached to it. It is spring loaded and there is a provision to attach a breaker bar to force back the spring; once you do, it is easy to remove the serpentine belt.

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