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To remove the radio, you will have to first remove the dash bezel, which is held in by four Phillips-head screws, two of which are above the instrument cluster, the third is above the cigar lighter and the fourth is above the headlight switch.

The bezel also snaps in as well, and you will have to carefully pull it free of the dashboard. If you have tilt steering, you will want to tilt the column down as well.

The radio is held in by two screws which have 10mm hex heads.

You will have two hot wires. The red one is hot only when the key is in the "on" or "acc" position. That one will actually power the radio.

There is also a pink wire which is constantly hot. That wire feeds the memories for the electronic tuning and clock. However, if you still have the stock wiring harness, you will want to buy a wiring harness kit which plugs into the stock wiring harness instead of hacking up the stock harness.

These wiring kits are available for under $20 at most major auto parts stores and possibly Wal-Mart, and their wires are labeled (or a schematic comes in the package) for easy connection to the aftermarket radio.

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Q: How do you remove the stock radio from a 1992 Jeep Cherokee and what is the color of the hot wire when you replace your old system with a new one?
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