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The fan bolts to the front of the water pump using 4 bolts (13 mm head). first u have to remove the upper and lower fan shroud. This will grant you access to remove the fan assembly and provide elbow room to remove the water pump after you get the fan out of the way. it usually take 1-2 hours to replace this water pump. be sure to cool the engine first and drain all the antifreeze into a container. there are approximately 5 bolts, give or take, that hod the water pump to the engine block. Count the holes in your new pump to be sure you have removed them all before you try to pry the old pump from the block. Some of these bolts are different length so i like to put them in the new pump as i pull them out of the old one so i know which one goes where.

P.S. dont forget to remove the radiator hose from the pump first.


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2010-10-20 00:50:05
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Q: How do you remove the water pump and fan assembly on a 98 Chevy Silverado?
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