How do you remove the window crank handle on a 1995 Toyota Camry?

I was able to consult a manual for the Corolla and it appears to be the answer. First, the crank handle is held in place on the crank post with a spring clip. There are two methods to remove this clip. One is to use a special thin strap tool with a "U" shaped end that slides behind the handle and pops the clip loose. Of course, who has one of these lying around? The most practical method is to use a sturdy cloth. Slide the cloth under the arm of the crank handle and apply pressure toward the crank post. You may need to apply a gentle side to side motion. Don't be discouraged if this doen't work first time the ends of the clip may be pushing into the cloth instead of being pushed by it. If this is the case you may need to use a heavy cotton that will solve this problem. If you are successful the cloth should expose the end of the clip (It looks like a steel wire)so that you can grasp it with a pair of needle nosed plyers. If you don't have needle nosed plyers slide it off using the tip of a screw driver with a bit of electrical tape on the end to cover any sharp edges. Be careful not to cut the door fabric. Remember to pull the clip at 90 degrees to the post so you don't snap it. During reassembly you will need to pop the clip back onto the crank post behind the handle to secure it. Good luck.