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I remember that it is a deep set windshield. It requires removing all the front bottle cowling and hardware. The bottom seal is at least 4 inches deep and a thinck bed of urethane

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Q: How do you remove the windshield of a 93 Dodge Caravan?
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How do you remove air or purge air conditioner on 93 Dodge caravan?

With a freon recovery/recycling machine.

How do you change iginition switch on 93 dodge caravan?

how do caravanu change ignition switch in 93 dodge

Will parts from a 94-95 Dodge Caravan interchange with a 93 Dodge Caravan?

Some will.Some will.

Can you replace a 93 dodge caravan 3.0 engine with a 95 3.0 dodge caravan engine?


How do you reset fuel cutoff switch on a 93 dodge caravan?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches.

What color is your 93 Dodge Caravan?

hunter green PG5 paint code

What kind of oil to use for a 93 Dodge Grand Caravan?

5w30 or 10w30

Will a 93 Dodge Caravan rim fit a 93 Buick Regal?

yes our cad uses both sizes

What type of transmission fits a 3.3L V6 93 dodge caravan?


Will a 1990 Dodge RamCharger windshield fit a 1986 Dodge RamCharger?

Yes it will,,, the body was exactly the same from 81 to 93

How do you change a starter in a 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan?

93 dodge caravan starter changedisconnect battery, then underneath at the front mount disconnect wires if possible, if not, remove after removing starter. three bolts and starter comes out. one bolt is slightly hidden. opposite to install.

93 dodge caravan inertia switch location?

Dodge does not use inertia switches. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

Where is the fuel pump relay in a 93 Dodge Caravan?

The fuel pump relay on the 1993 Dodge Caravan is located next to the battery in the engine compartment. You will find it just to the left of the power distribution block.

How do you replace windshield wipers on a 93 buick lesabre?

In order to replace the windshield wipers on a 93 Buick Lesabre, you simply need to remove the wipers from the car. You have to buy new ones, and then attach the new ones on to the car.?æ

How do you change the headers on a 93 dodge caravan?

YOu use some tools like a screwdirver and you do some stuff like turn it and it happens.

Where is the daytime running light modul on a 93 3.3 liter dodge caravan?

Should be located just above the left wheel well

Can a 93 dodge caravan with a 3.3 engine will it fit in to a 96 dodge caravan that has the same engine also are the transmissions inter changeable?

By doing this the engine has a high ratio of working but, the transmission also has a high possibilty of not working so, my thoughts are to just change the engine not the transmission.

Does the parts on the 95 Dodge Caravan interchange with the 93 Dodge Caravan?

Some will. Please ask a more specific question for a more specific answer.Some will. Please ask a more specific question for a more specific answer.

How do you replace the fuel pump in a 93 dodge caravan?

basiclly all you have to do is go to a machanic see if he has it or if he doesnt he ,ight now how much it goes for then you would have to order it from sumwhere

Need diagram of engine wiring harness for a 1993 Dodge Caravan 3.3?

This is not really an answer,but I have a problem with a wiring harness on my 93 caravan also. I have not gotten to the point of solving the problem, but was wondering if you got your problem solved and if you found a diagram and where did you get your wiring harness? Another searcher!!!!

How do you tighten a loose air conditioner compressor in a 93 dodge caravan 3.3 engine?

It you are talking about the lower bolts then you need to remove the drive belt and the top compressor bolts and slightly move the compressor to the side and then tighten up the lower bolts and remember that you do not need to discharge the a/c system................

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan?

On my '93 dodge grand caravan se, it'll be near the sliding door, it's a small silver cilander connected to a black hose on each end it's a little ways under the van so get comfy and watch out for the fuel that will pour out of it and the hoses as you undo the clamps to change it

What stock Chrysler vehicle stereos can fit into a 92 Dynasty past the year 93?

Dodge Spirit and Caravan are the only ones I can think of as they carry the same wiring and everything as a Dynasty would.

How do you remove front fender on 93 full size dodge van?

It's welded in place. You'd have to cut it and weld the replacement one on.

Where is location of windshield washer pump on 93 Olds Cierra?

Its located right on the side of the windshield washer tank. It slides in and out for replacement.