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How do you repair Instrument cluster lights on 2002 Mercury Sable lights do not work except the turn signal lights in cluster are always on?

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You Will Have To Take To A Dealer. Best Of Luck

2006-08-10 19:40:24
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How do you replace burned out dashboard lights on a 1995 Ford Crown Victoria?

You have to pull the instrument cluster out of the car. On the back of the cluster are numerous bulb sockets. Turn the sockets (sort of the same way you have to turn the sockets to remove say..taillight bulbs except the wiring to these bulbs goes through the same printed circuit that feeds the rest of the instrument cluster) The sockets and bulbs should come right out. Pull the bulbs out of the sockets and take them to an auto parts store. Get the auto parts store to verify which bulbs you need (don't want to go to all this trouble and fing out you put the wrong bulbs in). Reinstall the bulbs in the socket and reinstall the sockets on the back of the instrument cluster and then reinstall the cluster.

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Tough to say. Cadillacs typically have a dimmer switch located to the left of the steering column on the dash. A positive wire goes from the fuse box to the switch, then another wire goes from the switch up to the instrument cluster. You might try disconnecting the instrument cluster and see if the fuse still blows when you turn on the lights. If so, it might mean a wire is shorting to ground somewhere between the fuse and the instrument cluster. If not, it might mean there's a short somewhere in the instrument cluster assembly. Nothing much to do except follow wires and look for any fouling or damage that might be the cause. Also, miss-matched after market lights installed in the instrument panel might be pulling more amps than what was originally intended by OEM design. That could blow the fuse as well. Good luck.

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