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How do you repair a 1999 Ford Taurus if the daytime running lights will not turn off and are draining the battery?


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2015-07-15 19:29:35
2015-07-15 19:29:35

it sounds like the relay under the hood next to the fuse panel is stuck on replace it the owners manual will tell you witch one


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On a 1998, you can kill the running lights by pulling the the 15 daylight running light fuse in the engine comparement fuse box. Manual says to disconnect the battery before openning this comparment.

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could be alternator or charging circuit or could be anything got to do with the battery when its draining out loose connection terminal

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You will destroy the voltage regulator if you unplug the battery while it is running, then you will have to replace the alternator anyways.

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I just had the same problem and replaced the daytime running lamp module. Ford part # xl2z-15a272-ab. This part is located behind the drivers side head light and gotten to thru the wheel well.

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