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How do you repair a broken seat adjustment handle on the side of the passenger side seat?


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2014-10-07 00:57:44
2014-10-07 00:57:44

Take the seat off by unbolting it from the floorboard. Take the seat and the broken piece to a welder and have them weld or braze it back in place.


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If the handle is broken then you would want to use wood glue to put the handle back on. If that doesn't work, then you could go back to your local craft store and get another handle. This would ensure that the handle is strong enough.

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If the blade has a section that slides into the handle, I would use a 2 part epoxy glue on it. Instruction with the glue. If it has broken clean where the blade meets the handle, there is really not much that can be done. It can be welded, but it would always show the repair.

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