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I had luck with a product called Liquid Stitch. My 1994 Nissan 240SX convertible plastic window had developed a rip--which I found one day while washing the car. I was spraying the window off when I noticed water running down the window INSIDE of the car:-). I did some general searches on the net for plastic/vinyl repair and Liquid Stitch came up. It dries clear and is firm yet flexible. I disocvered other uses for it also but am most happy with the results I got using it on the car. No leaking and no further ripping form where I applied it. Hope it helps.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:26:27
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Q: How do you repair a crack in a plastic window other than total replacement?
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How do you repair crack in your plastic steps in your pool?

There are a number of things you could use to repair a crack in the plastic steps in your pool. You could use pool putty for example.

How do you repair a crack in a plastic radiator?

weld it with nylon rod using iron plastic welder.

How do you repair a crack on a plastic pool slide?

jb cold weld or any epoxy for plastic/fiberglass material

How do I repair a cracked car window?

You can purchase a repair car window kit that has the instructions on how to fix your crack. If you have insurance however, I would recommend getting a repair shop to fix it since it is covered on your isnurance.

What is the way of working of a window glass repair system?

Typically a window glass repair system works by injecting a silicone resin in to a crack or chip. This is then smoothed over, left to dry and usually it will repair the damage completely and ensure that the glass is as strong as it was prior to the chip or crack occurring.

How do you repair your leaky vinyl window?

Areas around the glass and small crack,GE silicone 11 outdoor is great. For a larger frame crack , you would want to add a piece of vinyl, or white plastic and use the ge silicone to adhere it too the spot. The best way is to have it resealed if it was made by a reliable window maker. Most are able to get the pane out for repair. Anderson and martin. These company's are around and have support.

Will a big crack in the top of the overflow tank cause your 1994 ford thunderbird to run hot?

NO. It is just an overflow reservoir. I would however fix that crack. There are many products to repair plastic. Plast-Aid is one. You can also find a replacement reservoir at your local salvage yard.

How do you repair tomtom lcd screen if its crack?

The only way to repair tom-tom LCD screen if it is cracked is by replacing it. You should find a screen that is compatible as the replacement.

What happens when you crack the inner screen on your laptop?

You need to replace it. The manufacturer will repair it or supply a replacement screen to you. There are also many third party suppliers who can offer replacement screens.

How do you repair a stained glass crack with crazy glue?

It does require some skills to repair a cracked piece of glass in a window, no matter what method you choose. Is it a single crack? Multiple crack? Is the cracked piece in the border or within the main body of the window? If it's in the border area, then it may be easy for you to remove the piece and either repair it or change it. If it's in the main body of the window, it gets tricky. My recommendation would be to bring it to a stained glass repair person. If you decide not to, and the window is not of any historical value then you could just infuse the crack with "Crazy Glue." Just clean the cracked piece with acetone using a cotton swab and make sure you flush the crack well with the acetone. Wait a minute or two, and gently apply the glue starting from the center of the crack and working your way to the edges. Give it a try and if you are not happy with the result, the process is reversible.

How do you repair the plastic on a Honda four wheeler?

What I do is, rivet sheet metal behind crack. Fiberglass patch and resin. Then Bondo.

What is the best product to use to fix a crack in the top plastic part of a car raiator?

A replacement radiator would be the best thing.

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