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How do you repair a crack in a plastic window other than total replacement?


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2015-07-15 21:26:27
2015-07-15 21:26:27

I had luck with a product called Liquid Stitch. My 1994 Nissan 240SX convertible plastic window had developed a rip--which I found one day while washing the car. I was spraying the window off when I noticed water running down the window INSIDE of the car:-). I did some general searches on the net for plastic/vinyl repair and Liquid Stitch came up. It dries clear and is firm yet flexible. I disocvered other uses for it also but am most happy with the results I got using it on the car. No leaking and no further ripping form where I applied it. Hope it helps.


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There are a number of things you could use to repair a crack in the plastic steps in your pool. You could use pool putty for example.

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weld it with nylon rod using iron plastic welder.

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jb cold weld or any epoxy for plastic/fiberglass material

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You can purchase a repair car window kit that has the instructions on how to fix your crack. If you have insurance however, I would recommend getting a repair shop to fix it since it is covered on your isnurance.

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The cost to repair a car window depends on the size of the crack. Usually it costs anywhere from $20 to $325, depending on where the car is taken for service.

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