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How do you repair a hole in a shirt?

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patch it or take to a tailor

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How to repair small rust hole in metal garage door?

How to repair rust hole in an insulated metal garage door

What will happen to a tiny hole in a shirt after washed?

it will get bigger

How do you put whole and hole in a sentence?

Whole: "Whole wheat." "Its a whole peice of bread" Hole: "Theres a hole in the ground!" "Theres a hole in my shirt"

How do you get rid of ice cream stain on dress shirt?

Burn a hole in the shirt where the stain is and it will come off

How do you repair a small hole in a kickball?


Why are shirt buttons round?

Shirt buttons are round because it makes it easier to get through the loop or the hole on the shirt, instead of having some other designs.

How do you write a sentence with hole?

I had a certain shirt planned out to wear for my date, but I found a hole in the fabric, rendering it useless.

How can you repair a small hole in a volleyball?

Use a readily available repair kit for a bike tire.

How can you fix a hole in a copper pipe?

you can repair by welding. using the right electrode you can fix the hole.

How do you repair a stripped intake bolt hole?


Can cufflinks be worn with any shirt?

No you need a shirt with french cuffs that has a whole on the top part of the cuff and bottom as apposed to having a hole on the top of the cuff and a button on the bottom, it is possible for a shirt to have both a button and a hole on the bottom but make sure you know what kind of shirt it is before you buy it thinking you can use cuff links with it.

How do you repair the gas tank on my car?

Depending on what you mean by repair. If there is hole in it then no you need to buy a new one.

What can we do to help repair the hole in the ozone layer?

See "Can the hole in the Ozone layer be fixed?"we have to plant trees

How do you repair a hole in a plastic hamster cage?

get a new cage

What old ditty has the words With a hole in your britches and your shirt tail hanging out?

every "old ditty" from the south uses phrases like "a hole in your britches" or "shirt tail hangin' out". and just for the record, southerners are NOT "old ditties".

What does it cost to repair a hole in the side of a reefer trailer?

You can get your own repair kit for the hole with foam, sealer, and other supplies at about $250; getting it done by a mechanic will be far more expensive.

What does it mean to have a hole in your socks?

"Have a hole in your socks" means you wore them out. It also means you should either repair them or replace them.

How does one repair a hole in a Borla exhaust?

To repair a hole in a Borla exhaust try taking vehicle to a reputable muffler shop. Popular opinion states that having the hole welded will work but make sure the after market repairs are legal in your state.

Will an iron-on patch fix a t-shirt hole?

Yes. Use a patch a little bigger than the hole and iron it on the inside of the shirt. Patches come in nearly every color. Follow the mfg. instructions.

How do you repair holes in hollow core doors?

To repair a hole in a hollow core door pull off the pieces on the door and begin to sand down. After cleaning fill the hole with spray foam.

How do you repair a car muffler with a hole in it?

Brisbane Auto Shop can repair a car muffler with hole in it. Here are some steps they follow: Raise the vehicle off the ground. Locate the exhaust leak on the vehicle. Prepare the exhaust surface for repair. Cover the hole with steel wool. Apply repair tape to the damaged area. Cut the empty soda can to fit around your exhaust pipe. Secure the soda can around the pipe. Activate the adhesive repair tape. Test drive to check completion of repair.

Cost to repair a water leak in basement?

The cost to repair a water leak in a basement will depend with the leaking hole. The cost to repair it can range from $20 to about $150.

How do you repair damaged T-shirt lettering?

Just use fabric paint If you can.

How do you repair hole in sheet rock wall corner?

eat the wall

How do you repair a hole in an air bed?

put gym..glue...tape

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