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Use the sme color string as the other buttons. Now, look at the other buttons on the shirt, are the dtrings inside the button holes cris-crossed like an x, or are they straightup and down like two parallel lines? Follow that pattern, but start underneath the button so the extra string doesn't show in top. Sew 10 times in each directions and the tie a knot underneath when finished.

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Is it possible to make a t-shirt bag without having to sew?

It is possible to make a t-shirt bag without having to sew it. First cut the sleeves off of a t-shirt. Then cut the neck out. Next cut slits along the bottom of the t-shirt. Then tie knots in it. You have a t-shirt bag without having to sew.

In Tom Sawyer How does tom get caught for skipping school and going to the swimming hole?

He did not sew his shirt button back with the right color thread.

How do you sew on a button?

You can not sew on a button with a sewing machine. You will have to use a needle and some thread. To sew a button, you need to choose a sturdy thread of the proper color. If it is standard button, I put a straight pin through the fabric just below where the button is attached. This is to prevent the thread from being pulled too tight. I insert the needle from the back and continue up and down for about a dozen times alternating the holes if there are four. For a fabric button, the process would be to hold the shank off to the side and sew over and under.

How do you sew a button on pants?

In order to sew a button on pants, have a thick needle threaded with strong thread. For a shank button, sew through the pants and through the shank a few times until you think it is secure. For other buttons, copy the pattern of a button you like as you sew through the pants and through all of the buttonholes.

How do you describe a shank button?

you will sew the cloth with button.....UNDERSTAND!!!!

What materials are used in a T-Shirt?

you usually use cotton to make them, then sew it.

What is a homonym for the word sew?

The homonym for sew is so.Examples:Can you sew on a button for me?Please be quiet so I can sleep.

Could someone give me some guidelines on how to make the shirt that Kagamine Rin wears?

you can use a regular white shirt, then get come cloth to cut it like the sailor neck thing. then sew it on the shirt, then sew on the bow.

How do you use past tense of sew?

I sewed on the button.

What are the release dates for How to Do It - 2012 How to Sew on a Button 1-9?

How to Do It - 2012 How to Sew on a Button 1-9 was released on: USA: 7 May 2013

Why do people sew?

Some people sew because they want a finished product, like a shirt or quilt. Other people sew because they enjoy working on their sewing projects. Other people sew because they enjoy sewing with other people.

Do a Sew-In break your hair off?

No a Sew-in don't break out your hair

How do you turn a t-shirt into a sleeveless shirt?

if you want the more "worn" look just cut the sleeves right off or if you want and more "new" look cut the sleeve to where you want it and then sew it so it look liked you never cut it. sew around the bottom of the sleeve. don't do this if you have never sewed before. i would practice first.

How do you make and attach wings to your body for a Halloween costume?

Buy wings at target. Sew them on to a shirt or jacket. Put on the shirt or jacket and you have your costume.

What is steel needle?

A needle made out of steel - the sort you sew a button on with.

Where can one purchase patterns to sew a shirt dress for women?

A good place to start when looking for shirt dress patterns for women is on eBay or Etsy. There will be a large variety of sew patterns to choose from and there will be different price ranges, so there will be something there for anyone.

Sew in elastic?

to sew in elatic, stretch it tightly and use a lot of pins. please visit this site and look under the button "skirt from dress" for pics and instructions on how to sew elastic.

What is the homophone for so?

Can you sew a button on for me? The farmer will sow the seeds which he will later harvest.

How do you sew buttons to fabric batting?

You don't sew buttons to fabric batting. Batting is intended to be used as filling between two pieces of fabric, usually to create a quilt. If you did sew a button to fabric batting the button would be able to be pulled right out due to the loose construction of the batting itself.

How do you use the word attach in a sentence?

Attach the button to the place you want it on the coat and then sew it on.

What is a sentence with thread?

Veronica bought red thread to sew the button onto her sweater.

How do you alter dress shirt sleeves?

A dress shirt sleeve can be altered at the seam by the shoulder. The seam at the top of the sleeve will have to be taken apart. Make the appropriate adjustment to the size and the sew the sleeve back onto the shirt.

Can you make clothes for American girl dolls?

yes you can! for example take a American girl shirt measure it on a piece of fabric and cut it out then do that one more time sew them together and you got a shirt!

How do you sew on a toggle button?

The way to sew on a toggle button is to first pin the toggle button in place on the jacket. Next, take a threaded needle and knot it tightly. Insert the threaded needle through the loop in the toggle at least four or five times, securing the know underneath the fabric. Tie and knot and the toggle should be in place.

What is a plain seam?

A plain seam is a strong but simple type of seam that is heavily used in the textiles industry. To make a plain seam..get two pieces of fabric that you want to sew togetherslowly stitch three or four stitchespress the reverse button so that it is strongsew along the fabric in the line that you wantwhen you get to the end press the reverse stitch button to finish it offAnd there you have a plain seam.