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You need to seek experts because you don't want to spoil your car, it is a very technical issue.

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Q: How do you repair a jammed 6 CD changer stereo on a 2005 Ford Escape?
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How do you repair a jammed 6 CD changer stereo on a 2002 Ford Escape?

remove the sterio and then un screw the two bolts Alternatively, with the CD Changer in the vehicle, push 'eject' and if the CD won't come out, get a credit card or something similar and lift the CD upward. I have also had to grab the CD with needle-nosed pliers. They get stuck when you use homemade CDs, commercial CDs of good quality almost never get stuck.

Does 1995 Toyota Corolla stock stereo have a CD changer port?

no they do not

Can I use a factory stereo with a aftermarket cd changer?

Yes, there are universal cd changers sold

Where are some of stereo repair stores located?

If you are looking for a local shop to repair your stereo, has state-by-state listings of top-rated repair shops for exactly that.

Where can one find a stereo repair shop in Bristol?

Using a local Bristol business directory should uncover many stereo repair shops. Also, with almost 400 listings in the Bristol Yellow pages, it should be easy to find a stereo repair shop.

Where is the stereo factory amplifier located in a BMW 740 il?

it is on the left side of the trunk behind the CD changer.

How to make USB port on my clarion stereo work?

Can you make cd changer cord on a clarion 7770 work an ipod

What is a good brand of cd changer to use with my factory stereo?

Sony and Pioneer are the top selling brands for cd changers.

What are the typical components of a Home Theater System?

In general a stereo receiver,a dvd player(or changer),speakers and perhaps a tv.

What is the best way to install a CD changer to a factory stereo on a 1999 Subaru Legacy GT?

Cd changer to factory stereo SubaruThey have unit at circuit city ect that you tune your FM radio to a certain frequency and play changer through stock head unit.You have a corded remote to run the unit I personally like these type units myself the prices are very reasonable look at walmart as well

Where can someone get a car stereo repair kit?

Someone can purchase a car stereo repair kit from an auto repair shop, such as Pep Boys. The kits are generally very easy to use and tend to have a low price depending on the specific kit.

Where is the 6 disc CD changer located for an 2004 Taurus Se?

Most likely it is built into the dash where your stereo controls are. If not Go the the trunk and remove the carpet on the sidewall on the drivers side that is where the actual stereo is.

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